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What are the characters of Venus- Allegory of love?

- Venus
- Cupid


What are the symbols of Venus- Allegory of love

- Hourglass
- Pink Rose
- Jingle bells
- Honeycomb
- Bow and arrow
- Masks
- Golden apple
- Dove


What are the characters of the painting Venus and Mars?

- Vulcan
- Cupic
- Venus
- Mars


What are the symbols of the Venus and Mars panting?

- knot
- touch in her breast
- Statue


Who was Venus?

God of fertility


What are the symbols of Venus and Cupid?

- Pink roses
- Touch on her breast
- Cupid's face
- Bow and arrow
- Shell


Who was Diana ?

God of chastity


What are the symbols of the painting Diana?

- Moon
- Bow and Arrow
- Water


What was the myth of apollo and daphne?

- Cupid shots Apollo with a golden arrow (makes you fall in love ), and just to have fun he shot Daphne with a nodded arrow which makes you become repulsion
- Apollo follows Daphne
- Apollo gets Daphne and Daphne appeals the gods that anything is better than apollo, and the love gods transform Daphne into a Laurel tree
Victory of chastity over loss


Who was Joe ?

- seduce mujeres jovenes
- se transforma en un white bull, with flower on his head


Who was Narcissus?

A guy that falls in love with himself
- Ego (narcissism )
Se mira tanto en su reflejo que se olvida de cmer y muere


Who was scylla?

Young innocent nice girl


What was the story of Scylla?

- Scylla rejects the fish guy (glacuse), and the witch (sursi) puts something in the water because she is jealous.
- When scylla gets in the water her feet transforms in barking dogs


What was the story of Phaethon?

- Phaeton's father is Apolo, but he does not know that because Apolo is never around
- Phaeton visits his father, he asks his father for a chariot. And he loses control and he dies