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What are all the paintings of the Sacred Renaissance art? (12 paintings)

- The temptation
- The Expulsion
- Anunciation
- Nativity
- Adoration of the Shepherds
- Adoration of the Magi
- Annunciation of the Shepherds
- Baptism
- Last Supper
- Crucifixion
- The Descent
- Resurrection


What is the temptation painting?

In the garden Adam is tempted with the forbidden fruit by Eve, or the serpent approaches Eve herself.
The "fall of man" is the result of Adam's succumbing


What are the symbols in the temptation painting?

- Apple/Fruit (in the north they used oranges instead of apples)


What is the expulsion painting?

The sin committed and "eyes opened", Adam and Eve are cast out of the Garden. Often shown as a continous narration with the Temptation.


What is the anunciation painting?

The angel Gabriel comes to Mary the Virgin to announce that she will bear the son of God. One of the most popular narratives of the era


What are the symbols of the Anunciation painting?

- Lilly
- Book
- Light penetrating glass
- Broom
- Candle
- Dove
- Tallith
- Tree trunk
- God image


What is the nativity painting?

The birth of Jesus. At minimum Mary kneels over the christ infant, but other may be present as well.
(Nacimiento de Jesus)


What are the symbols of the Nativity painting?

- Olive branch
- Candle
- Damaged buildings
- Dove
- Light
- Star


What is the Adoration of the Shepherds in the Nativity painting?

Often shepherds are shown at the nativity viewing the infant. The ideal of Christian piety ("flock of Christ"), they were common and without worldliness


What is the adoration of the magi in the nativity?

Like the shepherds, the "wise men" from the east may be depicted at the nativity bearing gifts as well. Christ was the "king of the Jews".


What is the Annunciation of the Shepherds in the Nativity painting?

The angel appears to the shepherds to announce the birth of Christ. Sometimes depicted as a continuous narration with the nativity


What are the symbols of the Annunciation of the shepherds?

- Dog (generic)
- Palm branch


What is the Baptism painting?

The beginning of the ministry of Jesus, he receives the ritual rebirth from John the baptist who "paved the way" for the coming kingdom.


What are the characters of the baptism painting?

- Jesus
- John the baptist
- Angels


What is the symbolism of the baptism painting?

- Shoes removed
- Dove
- Tree trunk


What is Last Supper painting?

The passover meal transformed into a self memorial showing Christ giving the bread and the wine to the Apostles. Ritualized by the church in the eucharistic (communion)


What are the characters in the las supper painting?

- Judas
- John the evangelist


What is the crucifixion painting?

The execution seen as a sacrifice. Jesus hangs on the cross flanked by two criminals while others stand nearby. Often symbolic rather than historic.


What are the characters of the crucifixion?

- Mother Mary
- Mary Magdalene
- John the Evenagelist
- David
- Longinus
- Dismas
- Gestas
- John the baptist


What are the symbols of the crucifixion painting?

- Skull
- Dead tree
- Dice/ cards
- Resurrection Banner
- Dog (hound)
- Jingle bells
- knot
- Lamb
- Left vs. right
- Titulus
- Connection between Adam and Jesusl
- Mary looks up, John looks to Mary. John the evangelist accepts Mary as his mother


What os the Descent painting?

Also called the Depostition. The body of Jesus is removed from the cross by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. Others may be present


What are the characters and symbols of the descent?

Characteristics ers:
- Mother Mary
- Mary Magdalene
- John the evangelist
- Hand of Mary creating a halo


What is the resurrection painting?

Though the moment f resurrection is not described in the bible, artist sometimes show it as well as a later encountering which are described


What are the symbols of the resurrection?

- Orb/Globe
- Dice/ cards
- Resurrection Banner
- Soldiers roman


What is the symbol Apple/fruit?

From the latin malum meaning both apple and sin, the image is used to reference man's disobedience
- Sinfulness


What is the symbol Light penetrating glass?

The virgin birth. as light penetrates glass without breaking it, so can Mary bear the God's son as a virgin


What is the symbol book?

Most generically the scriptures, though often more specifically meaning the prophecy of the scriptures


What is the symbol Lilly?

- Flor
- A common sign of purity. In the anunciation Mary is shown near or being handed a lily


What is the symbol Broom?

Hanging on the wall, or learned in the corner refers to the domestic arts of cooking, sewing, tending to the home


What is the symbol Candle?

A single candle is the "eye of God". Used to show God's presence or witnessing of a blessed event