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Kid suffers a laceration to his flank, which diagnostic test should you use

CT-for trauma:ormally US is used to avoid radiation, but for trauma CT is 1st line to detect any GU lacerations, bleeding


baby boy hasn't urinated in the first 24 hours suprapubic mass oligohydramnios

Posterior urethral valves-redundant membrane preventing urination -cant urinate-->oligohydramnios -normal or higher Cr bc mom filters Cr -suprapubic mass=enlarged bladder


how do you diagnose posterior urethral valves

straight catheter-to bypass the obstruction is both diagnostic and therapeutic-->baby now pees Surgery-to remove excess tissue


why does an ectopic ureter only occur in girls

Boys-ectopic ureter implants above the ext urethral sphincter Girls-ectopic ureter implants below the ext urethral sphincter often in the urethra-->never been dry


13 yo boy with rhinorrhea, myalgia, fatigue, and fever has proteinuria on urine dipstick, no hematuria,pyruria, or casts. what is the best next step

Repeat urine dipstick in 1 week. If (+) again then 2) do a 24 hr urine protein, 3)renal biopsy if + to check for PSGN, IgA nephropathy, etc -Takehome: febrile illnesses can cause transient proteinuria.


scrotal mass -transilluminate.... -no transillumination... -swelling through the inguinal ring -bag of worms -acute painful swelling

hydrocoele: fail to close processus vaginalis testicular cancer inguinal hernia varicocoele testicular torsion


baby has scrotal swelling that transilluminates. -diagnosis -RX

Diagnosis: hydrocoele-patent processus vaginalis RX: reassurance bc most close by 1 yr. After 1 yr then perform surgery


what is the inciting event in potter sequence

urinary tract abnormality-->dec urine output P-pulmonary hypoplasia-bc amniotic fluid (urine) is req for lung development O-oligohydramnios (dec amniotic fluid due to dec urine output) T-twisted face T-twisted skin E-extremity defects R-renal failure


Pt with a family history of sickle cell who doesn't have the disease has hematuria

Renal papillary necrosis-occurs in people with sickle cell trait


sickle cell trait renal complications

renal papillary necrosis-painless hematuria renal medullary cancer-bc renal papilla are in the medulla hyposthenuria-secrete dilute urine due to damage to the medullary vasa recta causing loss of concentrating ability distal renal tubular acidosis-


when is renal biopsy in kids indicated

-any type of nephritic syndrome -nephrotic syndrome that hasn't responded to steroids -nephrotic syndrome in kids >10 yrs


pt has puffy face, pretibial edema, proteinuria >3 g/day, dec albumin. -disease -next step in management

-disease=minimal change disease -next step-give steroids bc mech is a T cell attack against podocytes


sickle cell trait+ excess urination

hyposthenuria=produce excessive dilute urine due to damage of the


can't see can't pee can't hear a bee

Alport syndrome: X linked defect in type 4 collagen->splitting of the BM -eye isssues -hematuria -sensorineural hearing loss


hematuria+abdominal pain+bruising on legs, buttocks

Henoch Schonlein Purpura (IgA vasculitis) -hematuria+IgA nephropathy signs (hematuria, RBC casts):IgA deposition in the mesangium of kidney -abdominal pain: IgA in the visceral vessels -palpable purpura skin: IgA in the skin


abdominal mass that crosses the midline



abdominal mass that doesn't cross the midline

Wilm's tumor (nephroblastoma)


Treatment of Strep pharyngitis prevents both PSGN and acute rheumatic fever

Prevents acute rheumatic fever only, not PSGN


what imaging study is done to examine for renal function, scarring

Renal scintigraphy -ex: vesicouteral reflux pt diagnosed via VCUG, monitored for renal insufficiency, renal scarring via renal scintigraphy


child younger than 10 yrs and older than 10 yrs with nephrotic syndrome, how should they be evaluated

child <10 yrs-clinically, given steroids child>10 yrs-renal biopsy to (rule out other nephrotic diseases), steroids


most common cause of proteinuria in kids

Transient proteinuria-usually during a febrile illness (malaise, rhinorrhea -incidental finding on urine dipstick -perform a repeated urine dipstick -if (+) then do a 24 hour urinary protein for confirmation -if (+) consider renal US and renal biopsy


how to collect urine samples in -diapered kids -kids

diapered kids-catheter, or aspiration of urine from the bladder kids-careful clean catch


Name the 3 types of renal tubular acidosis with their characteristic findings

A image thumb

7 yo Little boy with nightime bedwettting

Primary nocturnal enuresis

-kids >5 yrs old never achieved nightime dryness

-family history


eneuresis alarms: #1 most effective, but takes 3-4 months to take effect

desmopressin (ADH)-prevents eneuresis at night, immediate effect but high rate of relapse @ stopping

-dec fluids b4 bedtime

-void b4 bedtime