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List and explain 2 examples of how psychological research can impact the economy.

1. People with untreated mental health disorders may need more time off work:
- People suffering from conditions like OCD or depression who aren't being treated may need more time off work than people who are receiving treatment
+ Treatments for mental health disorders come about as a result of psychological research. This can help people continue to live a normal lifestyle e.g. going to work. Less time off work is better for the economy

2. Research into sleep behaviour can help shift workers:
+ Modern work patterns mean some people work shifts throughout the 24-hour period, disrupting their sleep cycle (refer to Czeisler et al (1982)). More productive workers lead to a better economy


Describe Czeisler et al (1982) study.

1. Workers were studied at a factory where shift patterns appeared to cause sleep and health problems.

2. The researchers recommended rotating shifts every 21 days (allowing more time for workers to adapt) and changing shifts forward in time (phase delay)

3. After implementing the changes, productivity and job satisfaction increased