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When publishing a case study on a client and I change his/her identity, do I need consent?



To record sessions, what do I do?

get a consent from the client


As a supervisor, what do I avoid with supervisee?

don't involve in dual relationship -don't become friend/sexual/business relatinoship


As a private practice owner, my ASW intern will become ?

my employee and requires to be on payroll.


As a supervisor, I can only supervise within?

within the scope of competence


When working with a client from a different cultural background, what is my responsibility?

expand my knowledge by talking to clients and get consultation.


If a client with a different cultural background is in crisis (suicidal) situation, what is more important to focus?

crisis always trump cultural exploration (deal with suicide issue rather than exploring/seeking cultural knowledge)


When do I need to discuss with client about termination process?

onset of the therapy - include it in IC


Never terminate client in ?

client in a crisis situation


Other than meeting goals, when is appropriate to terminate?

- client is not benefiting from therapy even after changing goal and get consultation.
- therapist became impaired
- there is a dural relationship


When terminating, what do I include in the therapy note?

-the reason of termination
-that I discuss key issues and additional resource with client.


If a client initiate termination but I don't think he/she is ready, what do I do?

I can express concern but still need to support client's request.