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Confidentiality is both ?&? requirement.

legal and ethical


A therapist must maintain confidentiality if a client discloses crimes previously committed, UNLESS ?

the crime was against protected classes (child abuse, dependent adult/eldery abuse)


Confidentiality survives the? of a client.
There must be authorization from ?

death; the personal representative of the dead client


In a couple or group therapy, each member competent to sign and children ? years of age is required to sign prior to disclosure of information to ? or ?.

third party or each other


In group therapy, a therapist is ethically responsible to obtain agreement among all members to ?

respect the confidentiality of other members.


A therapist is not obligated to maintain confidentiality if a client does what?

commits an act of theft or violence agains therapist. I can report client's name to police.


3 Mandated Exceptions to Confidentiality

1. Child abuse
2. Dependent adult or elder abuse
3. Danger to others (report to law enforcement)


If a client with HIV/AIDS is having unprotected sex, what do I do?

I don't report because HIV/AIDS is protected status.


4 instances in which there is no client right to confidentiality

1. a court order (subpoena)
2. an order from a state board when investigating ethical violation.
3. a search warrant naming the therapist as the subject
4. a coroner's request in order to identify decedent/kin or when the death involve public health concern


7 permitted exceptions to confidentiality

1. client is at high risk of suicide (51/50)
2. client is gravely disabled
3. insurance company that covers fee
4. disclosures to parents of minor clients
5. disclosures to other providers when client is about to harm himself.
6. probation officer is entitled to know about therapy attendance.
7. Patriot act