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When does a therapist need to do Informed Consent by?

By onset of treatment


When does a therapist need to review informed consent?

over the course of treatment


Failure to obtain informed consent is failure of?

standard of care


A written informed consent must be obtained when treating ?



For adults, informed consent doesn't have to be?



If client doesn't/refuses to sign informed consent, what do I do?

review IC with patient and document it that I reviewed it.


What are needed to be LEGALLY included in informed consent?

1. fees for service
2. name and license of business owner
3. Technology utilization
4. Notice of Privacy Practice
5. License should be posted in the office


Informed Consent Standard of Care (ethical) requirements
1. limit of ?
2. risk and benefits of ?
3. alternative?
4. Right of ?
5. ? policy
6. ? procedures
7. ? and ? practices
8. ? of therapist
9. Defining ?

1. Limit of confidentiality (danger to self/others)
2. Risks and benefits of treatment (risk - you may feel bad after treatment)
3. Alternative treatments
4. Right of Refusal
5. Cancellation policy
6. Billing procedures
7. Communication and emergency practices (how can I contact you in crisis?)
8. Background of therapist (what is my practice?)
9. Defining who client is (individual/couple/group)


IC with minors
Minor who is ? or older may sign consent her/himself, if a therapist determined the minor is mature enough or there is a justification.



Who can sign IC for minor?
If parents are married -

Either one can consent


Who can sign IC for minor?
If parents have never been married -

Either one can consent


Who can sign IC for minor?
If parents are divorced,

The custody agreement determines who can sign - whoever has legal custody can sign.


Who can sign IC for minor?
If parents are divorced, and both have custody,

Find out if the custody agreement requires both need to sign. Best practice is to have both sign anyway.


Who can sign IC for minor?
If one parent has only physical custody (e.g. weekend only) and the minor is younger than 11 -

the other parent must consent.
(Dad who has kids only on weekends worries about daughter depression. Mom must sign consent; if 12 or older, the child can sign her/himself)


If parents are missing, a legal guardian (e.g. grandparent) can sign ? to state they are the caregiver.

caregiver affidavit


Who can sign IC for minor?
If a child is in foster care -

The child's lawyer must sign consent, unless the court has issued a Minute Order for social worker or foster parent to consent.


No secrets policy - when working with family or couple, -

a secret told by one member needs to be shared with everyone in the group


No secrets policy exception:

revealing secret endanger someone in the group


When am I allowed to treat someone without informed consent?

1. Someone is suicidal and you have to intervene immediately.
2. Patient refuses to sign IC and starts talking about problems (document that he/she refused)


When I'm engaged in experimental treatment (e.g. hypnotherapy, EMDR, touching involved),

Absolutely get a consent.


If an adult brought a suicidal 11 year old kid by the parent who doesn't have legal custody,

I cannot treat the child.