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What type of gift can be accepted?

low monetary value
emotionally significant (take into account clinical aspect of the gift)
Hand made gift


What type of gift cannot be accepted?

valuable item
any sexual undertone (e.g. underwear)


On the exam, what to choose regarding gift question?

discuss with client the meaning of the gift


In a circumstance that you have a boundary crossing with client, what to do?

discuss client about boundaries; clarify professional boundaries


If I realize that I have a dual relationship with a client AFTER staring therapy, what to do?

discuss possible impacts with client (do NOT terminate suddenly)


The best answer to choose regarding countertransference - having problematic reaction/feeling toward client is ?

Firstly seek consultation


When my and client's value conflict, what to do?

get consultation; focus on what client wants (self-determination)


On the exam, if both "get consultation" and "get personal therapy" are in the answer, what do I need to look for?

does my behavior/countertransference interfere with working with the client? (e.g. drinking problem, past grief)


If I have mental illness and substance use problem, what to do?

Don't continue to see client!


If a colleague therapist is doing something unethical, what do I do first?

Confront the therapist (before reporting to BBS)


If I learned that a colleague therapist was/is having sexual relationship with a client, what to do?

I must provide a brochure "professional therapy never includes sex."


After giving "professional therapy never includes sex" brochure, what is the 2nd step?

-discuss the brochure with the client
- possibility of client's reporting to the board (I canNOT talk to the therapist - don't break confidentiality)


If a minor client reports having sex with a former therapist, what to do?

report to CPS


If an elderly had consensual sex with a former therapist, what to do?

NOT a reportable to APS


When I receive a referral by a psychiatrist/couple therapist, what do I need to do?

-obtain release and collaborate with the referring doctor/therapist


If a current client's ex-girlfriend came to see me as a client, what to do?

consult with colleague about the issue (don't tell either clients)


When getting consultation from colleague, do I need a consent?

no need if I don't share identifiable information.