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What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is a form of mediation and restoration of both the lives of the offenders of crime but also the victims. Helps both parties restore their previous positions in all aspects of life before the offence occurred.


Benefits of Restorative Justice?

An alternative to the courts system and also youth detention or prison, Allows the offender to come face-to-face with any victims and realise the importance of healing those they have hurt (developing empathy for others, putting a face to the crime, Important for the victim to get some sort of compensation or closure for the pain they have been caused.
o Important for the offender to need to rectify the situation themselves and take responsibility for the pain they have caused another


Negatives of Restorative Justice

Probably not an appropriate tool to use with more severe crime such as murder, rape, severe assault, Harder for victims to face the offender and may cause more pain in the long term rather than restoring them to who and where they were before the crime, Needs to be a more consistent use across the board not just in youth justice, Sometimes restorative justice doesn’t work if the offender cannot see the pain they have caused someone else and are not remorseful.