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What is a Mortal Sin?

Mortal sin is sin that, under the canon of the Catholic Church (the law), is defined as an action that is against God and is basically evil. It must be committed with a sound mind and full knowledge of the action and its consequences to those it effects.


What are some examples of Mortal Sin?

Murder, Desecrating the Eucharist, Adultery, Ignorance and apathy to charity, Blasphemy (using the Lord’s name in vain, denouncing God), 7 deadly sins: Anger, Envy, lust, gluttony, sloth, Pride, Greed


What is a Venial Sin?

Sin that is not deemed to be as serious or as grave as mortal sin but is still seen under Church law, to be offensive towards Christ. The idea is that continual venial sin weakens the resolve of the soul and the relationship between the person and God.


What are some examples of Venial Sin?

White lies, Missing Church on Sundays, Not praying, Vanity, Disparaging the Church, Missing Confession.