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The Book of Numbers : Author, Target Audience

The Book of Numbers is located within the Old Testament, and was written by the prophet Moses from 1450 - 1410 B.C. Numbers was written specifically in order to narrate the history and law of the Old World, and is directed towards the newer generations of God's followers. Although this is the primary audience, those who do not practice Christianity can also be considered a valid audience, as we are all God's children. The book of Numbers contains mankind's history, and rightly so, can be read and acknowledged by any humans.


The Book of Numbers : Synopsis

The Israelites and Moses construct The Holy Tabernacle as instructed by God, and resume their search for the Promised Land. During the long and tiring journey in the desert, the people complained, subsequently driving God to create a fire and kill many. When in the vicinity of The Promised Land, 12 spies were sent out to scout the area, and returned with renewed confirmation on the fertility and wondrous capabilities of the land. The Israelites lose hope after realising the sheer terror of the enemies that inhabited the land, driving God to banish his people into the desert for 40 years. After the period of banishment, the people grew tired of Moses, resulting in the election of a new leader; Aaron. Soon thereafter, Aaron dies and the peoples' unrest begins to form once more. Moses is banned from ever entering the Promised Land, and Joshua is given full leadership of the Israelites.