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What is an Asylum Seeker?

Someone who flees from their country with concern for their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. They do not have a refugee status but have claims to it.


Liberal Party

‘Stop the boats’, greater presence of defence across boarders to prevent people smugglers from entering the country, providing support to UN functions. Liberal position goes against the signing of the UN Convention on Asylum Seekers where by if someone is genuinely seeking asylum the must be allowed to enter the country freely and be then taken care.


Labour Party

Believe off-shore processing is a necessity, but promise to make the process more humane and respectable to human lives.


Greens Party

Believe Asylum Seekers deserve equality and do not agree with 'stopping the boats', off-shore processing and detention centres.


Where are Asylum Seekers fleeing from?

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria.


Why are Asylum Seekers fleeing?

Persecution because of race, religion, creed, social status, cultural identity, family relation. In immediate danger to self because of the above positions in society


Why do Asylum Seekers want to come to Australia?

They seek a better life for themselves and their family, as their previous country is now no longer safe to live in.