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What did Joseph say to the baker and cupbearer the morning after they had their dreams?

"Why do you look so sad today?"


Why did the baker tell Joseph his dream?

He saw that the cupbearer had a favorable interpretation.


Who was assigned to attend the baker and cupbearer in prison?



What did the baker's dream mean?

In three days, Pharaoh will lift off the baker's head, impale his body, and the birds will eat his flesh.


What happened when Joseph's brothers arrived in Egypt?

They went to see the governor who sold grain, bowed down before Joseph, and did not recognize Joseph.


What order did Joseph give about the silver the brothers brought?

Each man's silver was to be returned to him.


What happened because of the famine in Canaan?

people from Canaan went to Egypt to buy grain; Jacob sent 10 of his sons to Egypt; Jacob did not send Benjamin with his brothers.


What did Joseph do after his brothers said they were honest men?

He put them in prison for three days.


What happened when all the grain the brothers brought was gone?

Israel told his sons sot go back to Egypt to buy more grain.


How could Jacob know that Benjamin would return safely?

Judah guaranteed Benjamin's safety.


How was Simeon reunited with his brothers?

Simeon was brought out to his brothers by Joseph's steward.


After they presented the gifts to Joseph, what did he ask about the brothers' father?

Was their father still living?


How did Joseph make himself known to his brothers?

He told everyone to leave and said, "I am Joseph."


How did Joseph react to his brother Benjamin?

He threw his arms around him and wept.


How did Pharaoh react to the news that Joseph's brothers had come?

He was pleased; he directed Joseph to bring his family to Egypt; he offered the best of the land of Egypt.


Why did Israel set out to Egypt?

He was convinced Joseph was alive and wanted to see him before he died.


What was Joseph going to tell Pharaoh about his family?

My brothers have come to me; my father's household has come to me; the men are shepherd, they tend livestock.


What did the brother's message to Joseph say?

Their father left instructions before he died; their father told them, "this is what you are to say to Joseph."; Joseph was to forgive his brothers' the sins and the wrongs they committed in treating him so badly.


What was Joseph's response after the brothers said they were his slaves?

He told them, "Don't be afraid."


What did Joseph say God was going to do for his brothers?

Come to their aid and take them up out of this land.