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How did Jacob know how to get to Goshen?

Jacob sent Judah ahead to get directions.


What did Joseph do when Jacob arrived in the region of Goshen?

He had his chariot made ready; he went to Goshen to meet his father; he threw his arms around his father and wept for a long time.


What was Joseph going to tell Pharaoh about his family?

My brothers have come to me; my father's household has come to me; the men are shepherd, they tend livestock.


Where did Joseph and his brothers bury Jacob?



What happened after Joseph and his brothers buried their father?

The brothers worried that Joseph would pay them back for the wrongs they had done to him.


Why did the brothers send a message Joseph after Jacob died?

They were worried that Joseph would hold a grudge against them.


What did the brother's message to Joseph say?

Their father left instructions before he died; their father told them, "this is what you are to say to Joseph."; Joseph was to forgive his brothers' the sins and the wrongs they committed in treating him so badly.


How did Joseph respond to his brothers' message?

He wept.


What did the brothers do after they sent Joseph their message?

They went to see him and threw themselves down before Joseph.


What did Joseph say about the actions of his brothers?

You intended to harm me; God intended the brothers' actions for good; the brothers' actions resulted in the saving of many lives.


What was Joseph's response after the brothers said they were his slaves?

He told them, "Don't be afraid."


What did Joseph say he would continue to do for his family?

Provide for them and their children.


How did Joseph speak to his brothers?

He assured them and spoke kindly to them.


Who stayed and lived in Egypt?

Joseph and all his father's family.


Genesis 50:23 says Joseph saw three generations of whose children?

Ephraim, his son


What did Joseph say God was going to do for his brothers?

Come to their aid and take them up out of this land.


To whom did God promise the land on oath to?

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


What did Joseph make the Israelites swear to do?

Carry his bones up from this place.


What happened when Joseph was 110 years old?

He died.


What did they do to Joseph after he died?

They embalmed him and placed him in a coffin in Egypt.