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What happened when the Flood waters started?

They came for 40 days; the waters rose above the mountains; every living thing that moved on land perished.


What happened at the end of 150 days?

The water had gone down.


What did the dove find the second time it was sent out?

A freshly plucked olive leaf


What did Noah sacrifice on the altar?

Some of all the clean animals and clean birds


What did God do for Noah and his sons after the Flood?

He blessed them; he gave them instructions; he told them to increase in number.


What would God demand from animals and people who took the life of a human being?

an accounting


Who was this sign of the covenant for?

Noah and his family, all the animals, and every living creature and all generations to come.


What did Noah do after the Flood?

He planted a vineyard


What did God say about Abram and other people?

God would bless those who blessed Abram and curse those who cursed him.


What did Abram do after the Lord appeared to him?

He built an altar to the Lord.


What were the people of Sodom like?

They were wicked and sinned greatly against the Lord.


Where did Abram move his tents?

Near the great trees of Mambre at Hebron.


Why did Abram think Eliezer would be Abram's heir?

Abram was childless.


What did Abram ask the Lord about the land?

How can I know that I will gain possession of it?


What would happen to Abram?

He would die in peace at a good old age.


How much land did the Lord promise to give Abram?

From the Wadi of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates.


What did the servant take with him for the trip to Nahor?

Ten camels and good things from his master.


What did Abraham's servant do to discover whether his journey was successful?

He watched Rebekah closely.


What happened at Rebekah and Laban's house?

The servant's feet were washed; the camels were cared for; the servant told them why he was there.


What was Isaac doing when he saw the camels approaching?

He was meditating in the fields.