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When Abraham was very old, what did he ask his senior servant to do?

Get a wife for his son Isaac.


Why was it important where the servant found a wife for Isaac?

Abraham wanted a wife for Isaac from his own country, not from the Canaanites.


What did the servant take with him for the trip to Nahor?

Ten camels and good things from his master.


Where did the servant pray to have success?

Near the well outside the town.


Why did the servant pray at the well of Nahor?

He needed to ask the Lord to give him success in finding a wife for Isaac.


How did the servant know his journey was successful?

Rebekah gave water to him and his camels just as he had prayed.


What did Abraham's servant do to discover whether his journey was successful?

He watched Rebekah closely.


Who was Rebekah's brother?



What did Laban do when he heard about the man at the well?

He hurried out to the spring; he went to meet the servant; he told the servant I have prepared the house and a place fore the camels.


How did Rebekah's family treat the servant?

They cared for the servant, his men, and the camels.


What happened at Rebekah and Laban's house?

The servant's feet were washed; the camels were cared for; the servant told them why he was there.


Why did the servant wait to eat the food given to him?

He would not eat until he told them what he came to say.


What did Laban and Bethuel tell Abraham's servant?

Rebekah could go and become the wife of his master's son.


What did Abraham's servant give Rebekah?

Gold jewelry; silver jewelry; clothing.


What was Isaac doing when he saw the camels approaching?

He was meditating in the fields.


What happened after Rebekah saw Isaac?

She covered herself with her veil; the servant told Isaac all that happened; Isaac and Rebekah were married.


How did Isaac feel about Rebekah?

He loved her.


According to Laban and Bethuel, who directed the servant's meeting with Rebekah?

The Lord