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What does EEG measure?

The electrical activity of neurons


What does the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) track?

oxygen level in the blood


What causes transcranial magnetic stimulations

a temporary disruption of the activity in carefully targeted parts of the brain


What takes more space in the somatosensory cortex?

more sensitive area. (not larger area)


What lobe process touch and pressure

The parietal lobes


Name the main neurotransmitters and their function

Dopamine -> motor control over voluntary movements, reward and motivation
Acetylcholine -> Motor control over muscles, attention, memory, learning sleeping
Serotonin->Emotional states and impulse control, dreaming
GABA->inhibition of action potential, anxiety reduction
Glutamate-> enhancement of action potential, learning and memory
Endorphins-> Pain reduction/reward.


What does contain the Occipital lobes?

the primary visual cortex (visual info) AND secondary visual area, which process the specific feature of the visual input


What does the autonomic nervous system regulate?

body glands and internal organs (like the heart)


What is the role of the somatic division of the peripheral nervous system?

Sending and receiving signals from the skin, muscles, and joints.


What is the difference between the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system?

The CNS encompasses the brain and spinal cord
The PNS encompasses every body part other than the brain and spinal cord.


what happens when a neuron fire?

1. An action potential occurs
2. chemicals are released from the terminal buttons
3. The electrical charge of the neuron becomes more positive inside


What is the function of the Hypothalamus

5 F
regulates thirst and need to replenish fluids


What is the function of cerebellum

plan and coordinate movements, motor learning, motor memory


What brain structure is the sensory relay station for the brain



What gland govern bodily rhythms



When a near is in a resting state, the electric charge inside the neuron is slightly more ____ than the charge outside. When the neuron is stimulated, _____ ions carrying_____ charge enter, until an action potential is triggered. At this point, _____ ions leave the neuron, but within milliseconds the sodium potassium______reverses the flow of both kinds of ion, until the original balance is restored

Negative; sodium; positive, potassium; pump


The basal ganglia is important in

planning and producing movement


What is always true regarding dizygotic twins

They have different genotypes