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What is the dissociation theory of hypnosis

Hypnosis causes one's conscious awareness to be separated from other aspects of consciousness


What does the consolidation theory of sleep say?

The key sleep stage for learning to take place are the slow wave and REM stage;
Neural connections are strengthened during sleep


According to research what are the benefits of meditation

increase in attention,
preservation of gray matter as people age, reduction in stress, blood pressure, and blood lipids or cholesterol


what are predictors of addiction

Attraction to novelty and risk taking;
responsiveness to high dopamine;
poor relationship with one's parents;
role models themselves addicted;
Having biological parents who are or have been addicted


What are the different types of altered consciousness

Religious ecstasy
concentrative meditation
mindfulness meditation
flow activity
escapist activity


Describe the Hobson and McCarley's activation synthesis theory of dream

dreams are caused by random neuron firing which the brain attempt to interpret. then the revised version says that the limbic system is responsible for the emotional content and the deactivation of the frontal cortex is responsible for the illogical aspect of dreams


What is the percentage of people who use drug who become addicted

5 to 10 percent


What are REM disorder and somnambulism

In REM behavior disorder, the normal paralysis that accompanies sleep is disabled, and people act out their dreams. Most often seen in elderly males and is associated with neurological deficit.
Somnambulism—another word for sleepwalking—occurs within the first hour or two of falling asleep, often in children; those affected may walk around glassy-eyed and disconnected while asleep., occurring during slow wave sleep


Which areas of the brain are activated during REM sleep?

visual association areas
motor cortex
brain stem

Not the prefrontal cortex (that is why dream seem illogical)


What drug has a stronger effect on regular users than on first time users, suppresses nausea in chemotherapy patient, produces perceptual and cognitive distortion



some biological structure and processes regulating sleep

circadian rhythm,
pineal gland


what does 2-3 days sleep deprivation cause

Sleep deprivation negatively affects learning, mood, the ability to complete boring or mundane tasks, and the immune system.