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Normal agency benefits such as _____, _____, and ____ are available to aid in the rehabilitation process.

Employee Assistance Program, appropriate leave, and the group medical plan


Use, or being under the influence of alcohol while on duty or while driving a City vehicle presents a danger to the public, to the officer involved, and to other
officers, and therefore, may result in



If an employee is using prescribed drugs that may interfere with their performance of duties, the employee should?

Tell their supervisor


Any Sheriff's Office employee using legal over-the-counter nonprescription drugs which in any way impair or affect his/her job performance is responsible for bringing this fact to the attention of his/her immediate supervisors on?

A Form 4


Information relating to the use of over-the-counter drugs can be removed at the request of the employee after it has been in the medical file for how long?

6 months


The supervisor, upon being informed an employee is using over-the-counter or prescription drugs which could interfere with the performance of his duties shall....

make further inquiries to determine whether the employee is fit to perform those duties.


Upon consultation with his ______, the supervisor will decide whether the employee is fit for duty.

If unfit, the employee shall be __ ___ ___ ___

Commanding Officer

Placed on personal leave


Officer using over the counter or prescription drugs:
Should the employee and the commanding officer not concur on the ability of the employee to perform his/her duties who makes final decision?

the department staff duty officer


Information regarding the use of legal drugs being taken by an employee will be forwarded to

the JSO Personnel Division


If any employee knowingly ingests any drug in the performance of his/her duties, the supervisor on duty will be immediately notified and the incident reported on

A Form 4


Reference drug ingestion:
The incident will be documented with the initiation of Form P-004 to be followed by a detailed report from the employee's ______ through channels to ____


The Sheriff


Employees will be required to participate in the drug testing program under the following conditions:

When there is a REASONABLE SUSPICION that an employee is using, under the influence of or in possession of illegal drugs, or is using or under the influence of alcohol while on duty, or that the employee is abusing alcohol or illegal drugs and the abuse either adversely affects his/her job performance or represents a threat to the safety of the employee, coworkers, or the public.


Reasonable suspicion drug/alcohol testing can be ordered by who?

any supervisor with the approval of a commanding officer


The Employer will require a drug test any
time an employee is referred to a physician or psychologist for a

fitness for duty examination


Should an employee in the course of employment enter, or be required by the Employer to enter, into
an employee assistance program for drug-related problems, the Employer may require the employee to submit to a drug test as a follow up to the program for up to

2 years


The JSO Personnel Division shall be responsible for drug testing of which employees? 3 types

employees under-going basic recruit training, probationary Police Officers, and employees selected through the random drug testing program.


______ ______shall be responsible for drug testing of
any employee whom it reasonably suspects has used or is found to be in possession of a drug, or other controlled substance in violation of the law, Sheriff's Office orders, and rules and regulations.

Internal Affairs


Any employee authorizing the release of drug testing
information must submit a signed communication to the ______ advising:
Name of person authorized to obtain info
Purpose of disclosure
Precise info to be disclosed
Duration of the consent

JSO Chief of Personnel


Individuals responsible for conducting drug tests are acting under the direct authority of the



The Employer will use the ____ _____ ____ ____ to test for the presence of alcohol in an employee’s system.

Evidential Breath Testing Device (EBT)


Breath Tests:
If the initial test registers an alcohol concentration of ______ a confirmation test will be performed.

.02 or greater


Breath Tests: Confirmation Test
The employee will be placed in a separate room
under the observation of the BAT for (how long) after which he/she will be given a confirmation EBT.

for at least 15 minutes, but not more than 20 minutes


How many days after receiving notice of a positive
confirmed test result, does the employee have to submit information to the Employer explaining or contesting the test results, and why the results do not constitute a violation of the Employer's policy?

Within 10 days


All reports of positive test results shall be received by

the JSO Chief of Personnel and maintained in a confidential medical file.


The employee may be either _____ or _____ pending the results of the confirmation test for the use of illegal drugs.

immediately suspended or reassigned