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Officers who cannot successfully pass the physical ability examination after being afforded a reasonable opportunity to do so are subject to



In recognition of officers passing the physical ability test, those officers shall receive: 3 things

Timely step raises, Consideration for promotion, and The thanks of the Administration and the Community


An officer who fails an annual physical ability test shall be given how long to pass?

One calendar year from the date of the failure


If fail test:
During that calendar year, the officer will remain on duty but will be required to participate in an on-duty training and/or conditioning program how often?

at least twice monthly


The JSO shall make available a combined number of
positions for up to ___ of the total sworn police ranks
which will be designated as __________ positions for all of those officers who either qualify for
accommodation , or who qualify for permanent accommodations as a result of on-the-job injuries.

1.5%, Permanent Light Duty


A maximum of ___ supervisory positions will be included within the total Permanent Light Duty positions.



________ occurs when the number of qualifying officers exceeds the number of available Permanent Light Duty positions.



When all positions described in Paragraph (3)(A)
are filled by qualifying officers, and another officer
becomes qualified, the officer with the highest
years of service shall no longer be entitled to the
position and shall be accommodated by being
provided the opportunity to

retire or resign.


In any suit, legal action or proceeding, wherein an employee covered by this Agreement is sued as an individual, for damages, compensatory and/or punitive, which arises from their official duties,

the Employer hereby agrees that it will provide legal counsel for said employee


Employees shall furnish written notification
of their intent to file suit against a third party in any court of law, if the suit arises out of the employee’s official duties. Notice shall be provided to the ______ not less than ____ days before the actual filing date.

Undersheriff, 5