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What does 'What, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds turn thee, Benevolio look upon thy death' suggest?

Here Tybalt calls the servants heartless hinds, which is a female deer, so he is questioning the masculinity of the servants, saying their weak and at the same time he is mocking benevolio for being involved in the Quarrel. He uses aggressive language and eager to fight his name means cunning cat suggesting he is sly and foreshadow he will be an instigator, and his hubris will lead him to his downfall, he creates tension as he walks in, raising the stakes, provoking benevolio to fight saying he isn't a real man if he doesn't fight a worthy opponent.


What does the quote' What drawn and talk of peace, i hate the word, as i hate hell, all montages.' suggest

Tybalt is questioning Benevolio because he has a sword out but also talks about peace, he repeats the word hate, summing up his character that he hates Montague's, he uses Montague and hell in the same sentence emphasizing what he thinks of them. We see T as a very honorable man, fighting for capulets emphasisng the theme of fate. He seems to be uncontrollable and has excessive pride to Capulets, but will lead to death. They fact that they fight would make audience very excited and modern audience would be worried what he is capable of.


What does the Quote 'She hath not seen the change of fourteen years'?

There is an inherent sense that capulet wants to protect his child, because she is young, you could say that in essence he wants to protect his child in his own world.
The fruit metaphor is an interesting one because it is this miscalculation precisely about his daughters maturity that leads him into conflict with Juliet. Shakespeare is mocking Patriarchal society at, men at the time were meant to be dominant over their daughters. This also suggests that she is very innocent and foreshadows her actions will be out of navity.


What does the quote 'Madam i am here, what is your will' suggest?

She is very polite and obedient and also seems to be closer to the nurse than the mother. As the Nurse is a wet nurse who has done everything for her since she was young. she speaks when addressed.


What does the Quote Susan and she-God rest all christian soul' suggest?

She treats Juliet as a daughter because she has lost a daughter. They are both the same age. Shakespeare uses the Nurse to show the audience how innocent and young Juliet is. Ultimately this women is who Juliet turns to in need, but you can see the change when meeting romeo. She interrupts herself, she cannot keep alive a single thought.


What does the Quote 'Thou wilt fall backward when thou hast more wit' suggest?

The nurse believes in the more physical side of love which is contrasted with Juliet side of love, it is very spiritual. she is very bawdy and jokes at Juilet's expense, saying when Juilet grows into a women she will fall backward and have sex. At the time woman were expected to be pure but only men's desire and marriage life: she is mentioning sex as Juliet has to be ready for that.


What does the quote 'O brawling love, O loving hate' suggest?

Oxymoron that mixes joy of love with the emotion of emptiness of love which isn't returned, the fact that he can express such extreme emotions for a woman he barely knows demonstrates his immaturity. He is a typical petrachan lover, he desires a woman so much but cannot have her. He speaks in blank verse but when meets Juliet he speaks in Iambic pentameter. It could be suggested that Rosaline refuses Romeo to preserve her virginity for her marriage. You could say that Romeo's love for Rosaline shows that Romeo will love anyone beautiful and willing to share feelings that's why he falls in love with Juliet


What does the 'Prick love for pricking and you beat love down suggests'?

The nurse and Mercuatio regard love as physical, when Romeo describes Rosaline, Mercuaito uses sexual innuendo. Mercuatio is used to Juxtapose the views on love that are expressed by Romeo. Romeo has a unrealistic view on love, whereas Mercuatio has a sexualised view on love.


What does the Quote 'That dreamers often lie' suggest

Mercuatio ridicules Romeo's love for Rosaline, this is Mercuatio's response after Romeo tells him he dreamt of Rosaline. Mercuatio understands that Romeo's love for Rosaline isn't true for Rosaline and ridicules him for it.


What does the quote Now by the stock and Honour of my kin, to strike him dead, i hold it and not a sin suggest?

Tybalt is one dimensional, he is the only one who wants to continue the feud, the violent verb of strike introduces to the idea of violent revenge. the fact that tybalt doesn't consider this violent revenge a sin when religion was so important at the time suggests the importance of family honour to him. Shakespeare uses rhyming couplets here to draw his audience attention to this important line, foreshadowing a tragic ending. 'Honor' and 'kin' present to key themes in the play. Tybalt is swearing on his honour and his family, the possessive pronoun shows the importance.


What does the Quote 'It fits when such a villain is a guest I'll not endure him' suggest?

Huge irony to the audience here that Romeo is a villian, as we know that Tybalt is the real villian, he will not tolerate him, the fact that he speaks in rhyming couplets shows his overconfidence. He is the only one who seems bothered about the fued he creates a lot of tension and he is a cataylst of assiting the fate or romeo and Juilet. The word 'villian' shows his absolute pride and honour he has for his family, he will not tolerate any montague, the threat of violence interputts Romantic atmosphere


What does the Quote 'It fits when such a villain is a guest I'll not endure him' suggest?

Huge irony to the audience here that Romeo is a villain, as we know that Tybalt is the real villain, he will not tolerate him, the fact that he speaks in rhyming couplets shows his overconfidence. He is the only one who seems bothered about the feud he creates a lot of tension and he is a catalyst of assisting the fate or romeo and Juliet. The word 'villain' shows his absolute pride and honor he has for his family, he will not tolerate any Montague, the threat of violence interrupts Romantic atmosphere.


What does the quote 'My lips Too blushing pilgrims ready to stand'

Shakespeare uses language which is dramatically effective as it is incredibly flirtatious, as it is written in the sonnet form, which the audience will see as romantic. The link with God and religion shows the couple are close to blasphemy, the catholic church saw this as blasphemy. The use of religious imagery is used between Romeo and Juliet shows their love is pure and holy and different to the bawdy love in the previous scene.This is written in the sonnet form, the shared sonnet between R & J create a link between their love and destiny,


What does the Quote 'Go and ask his name-If he be married. My grave is like to be my wedding'

Before even Juliet knows Romeo's name she is head over heels in love and worries that he may already be married to someone else, in this case she will die, Shakespeare is foreshadowing how she will die. Images of love and death intertwine, she is growing confidence and this leads to her downfall. She shows intelligence through her complex thoughts and her love she is experiencing is sinister.


What does the Quote ' 'Juliet is the Sun, arise fair sun and kill the envious moon' suggest?

Here is a reference to light and dark, Romeo references Juliet as the sun. Showing Romeo isn't in the right sense of mind. Shakespeare is showing the unrealistic side of love for Juliet, which shows he is fickle. He confesses his love in a blasson this is his hubris, their love blossoms at night way from the public representing secrecy and therefore set away from the feud. As night ends they are forced to be near each other.


What does the Quote suggest ' 'Too rash , too unadvised, too sudden'

Juliet is certain that she loves Romeo but she also is cautious she is a very passionate girl and smart but realistic head over heels passion can be dangerous. Juliet is increasing in confidence, she is concerned by her force about she is quickly won over, this is a change in Juliet's character, we know longer have the shy naive Juliet child from act 1 scene 3, we have a confident independent girl.


What does the quote suggest 'Call me but love, and i'll be new baptis'd, Henceforth I never will be Romeo'

Romeo is referring to a christian right of baptism, Christians see this as dying and rising again with Christ. Romeo is saying, she gives him love, he slough his old self and become pure without the sin of his past. Juliet is asking Romeo to give up his name. This foreshadows the end of the tragedy in pleading for his love to her, Romeo ensures an early end to his whole existence. This links to theme of fate, its dramatic irony as the audience know he will die.


What does the quote 'Many for many virtues excellent' suggest?

Here Friar Lawrence is explaining some plants are medicinal, Romeo enters the scene, just after the friar is explaining that some plants are harmful, this is structure by Shakespeare. We here about how Romeo kills himself just as Romeo enters the scene. Shakespeare is being clever with structure warning us.


What does the quote 'Wisely and Slow they stumble that run fast' suggest?

The friar thinks marriage will end of the feud, but thee words begin a long chain of events which acts as a catalyst speeding up the plays inevitable ending, he warns Romeo not to act out of haste. Friar is very wise and aware what could happen. Dramatic irony as audience know Romeo and Juliet will have a tragic ending.


What does the quote 'Why is then is my pump well flowered' suggests?

This is a return to Romeo's bawdy sense of humor being lost when speaking to Juliet, Mercuatio is a very good friend to Romeo.


What does the quote 'Should lead her in a fools Paradise and deal double with her'

We see the Nurse as a very protective when talking to Romeo about Juliet. She expresses here concern about Romeo trust and if he is telling the truth, she is looking out for Juliet's interest. She treats Juliet as her own, it was illegal to marry without parental consent from father, so the nurse is double checking she approves of Romeo


What does the Quote 'Is thy news good or bad? Answer to that' suggests?

Juliet is becoming very impatient child, she is rude and demanding, Shakespeare is reminding us that she is only 13, she throws childish outbursts at the women who raised her. Her love for Romeo is causing Juliet to grow apart from the nurse, she is becoming independent., but also suggests she is a teenage girl. A modern audience would be very shocked at the disobedience of a women who loves her so much and how actually questioning of Juliet is at all innocent.


What does the Quote 'You know not how to choice a man! Romeo?" suggest?

The nurse suggests Romeo is a foolish choice of man, here is the ultimate foreshadowing that Shakespeare uses alliterating the prologue 'star crossed lovers' that fate has decided they will die. Romeo isn't a real man and if he is he isn't desirable.


What does the quote 'these violent delights have violent ends, and in the triumph die, like and powder which they consume' suggest?

The friar words are a forewarning because he draws parallels between the destructive passion of Romeo and Juliet and that the feud will cause the violent deaths of R, J, M, T and Paris. The use of the Iambic pentameter here shows the power of Friar Lawrence words.


What does the Quote 'You shall find me apt enough to chat and you will give me occasion' suggests?

Tybalt speaks in blank verse, he then switches to prose showing that he has been wound up and drawn into an argument. The change in language here shows the change in Tybalt's mood. Mercuatio is winding up Tybalt. He spoke in Rhyming couplets in Act 1 to suggest over confidence and now blank verse to prose.


What does the quote 'Therefore turn and draw' suggests?

This is much like act 1 scene 5 when he says 'Fetch me a rapier boy' he is asking someone to duel with him, summing up his character, he is trying to fight Mercuatio. Being aggressive. He is willing to fight anyone in honor of his family.


What does the quote 'Love thee better thou canst devise' suggests?

As romeo is happy about his marriage , he refuses to fight with Tybalt, showing his immaturity of Romeo at this moment. It is almost like Juliet's love has changed him, but the problem with this is that it accelerates the violence he is trying to prevent.


What does the quote suggest 'Will you pluck your sword out of his plicker by the ears'

Mercuatio is loyal when Romeo refuses to fight, as he decides to fight Tybalt instead because he cannot stand to see Romeo's honor be jeopardized in the face on his enemy. Mercuatio taunts Tybalt suggesting he is slow to get ready to fight, calling him a coward.


What does the Quote 'A plague on both your houses' suggest?

Mercuatio's death marks a distinct turning point in the play's tragedy begins to overwhelm comedy, and the fates of the protagonists is darken. He repeats a plague on both your houses becoming proverbial cursing both houses pending for disaster. A plague is a lingering disease suggesting their is no way back for Romeo and Juliet. They are doomed to disaster.


What does the Quote Effeminate suggest?

Elizabethan society generally believed that a man too much in love lost his manliness, Romeo believes he has lost it because his love for J has made him weak. It is almost like their are two different Romeo's in this scene the one who fights and kills Tybalt and the one who wanted to avoid confrontation due to love and loyalty to his wife. The feud clashes with the private world of the lovers ultimately leading to the tragedy.