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What is the topic sentence that suggest hypocrisy?

Stevenson is trying to show the hypocrisy of the middle class men.


What is the topic sentence that suggests it is wrong for Drug taking

Stevenson presents Jekyll has a warning to Victorian society about drugs wreck lives, changing your personality, changing your being is disgraceful


What is Stevenson purpose about Homosexual desire?

Shakespeare presents the theme of repressed homosexuality, Stevenson presents society which condemns homosexuality and you cannot risk your homosexuality being exposed, that is why all the characters are men, all single men, getting the ready thinking is the true tragedy of J AND h is that Hyde has to repress his homosexual desire, which is why he creates this alto ego.


Why is Utterson the Narrator until chapter 8?

The first person narrative shows that Utterson fits in with the social conventions of society, how religious he is, he is very narrow minded, as he is traditional in his views. He is made narrator to show everything that is wrong with society, we reject Utterson's point of view because he is a religious figure and not open to science.


What is Oedipus complex and what is its relevance?

A sexual desire for a parent of opposite sex at a young age. Jekyll is the father figure of Hyde, Hyde is jealous of Jekyll, therefore Hyde seeks to replace Jekyll, we have a Oedipus complex, there is no mother figure as Stevenson is trying to present Woman as not important and views not valued.


Why can the novel be linked to Homosexuality?

Stevenson made a first draft, then made a second draft as he knew it wasn't something contemporary readers would like. If you had evidence that you were homosexual you could be arrested for gross indecency( a criminal act which isn't classified)


What is Stevenson's purpose which shows science and religion?

Stevenson is wrestling with the idea that are we living a christian world or is it just a story to stop us from being like Hyde