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What is Shakespeare purpose on society

Shakespeare is trying to show that the world is a better place as a meritocracy, a place of fairness, not inherited worth and family. He wants to transform society, that is why he moved to London to do this because it didn't exist before. Shakespeare wants to attack the feud, that is why he left Stafford, he wanted to get rebel the extended family way of life.


What is Shakespeare's purpose on love?

Shakespeare presents love which is equated to an impulse, he wants to warn society on loving on an impulse , you would be better of listening to your parents .


What is Shakespeare purpose on Marriage

Shakespeare promoted marriage through love, rather than arranged marriage. Shakespeare is forced to set it in Verona, because the audience already knew what the play is about as it was popular in England.


What is Shakespeare purpose on Romeo's character?

Romeo's character is ridiculed through his original love for Rosaline, Shakespeare chooses to introduce this love first, to show us how ridiculous, it is when romeo falls in love with Juliet.