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group résumé

A summary of all of a group’s activities, billing instructions, key attendees, recreational arrangements, arrival and departure patterns, and other important information; usually stored in a binder at the front desk.


hotel clock

The clock by the hotel switchboard that keeps the official hotel time.


information directory

A collection of information kept at the front desk for front desk agents to use in responding to guest requests and questions, including simplified maps of the area; taxi and airline company telephone numbers; bank, theater, church, and store locations; and special event schedules.


log book

A journal in which important front office events and decisions are recorded for reference during subsequent shifts. In many hotels, the log book has been replaced by a transaction file maintained by the property management system.


master folio

A folio used to chart transactions on an account assigned to more than one person or guestroom, usually reserved for group accounts; a master folio collects charges not appropriately posted elsewhere.


rapid response software

An electronic form of a maintenance log book system.


reader board

A posting or closed-circuit broadcast of daily events at a hotel.


split folio

A folio in which a guest’s charges are separated into two or more folios.


transaction file

A chronological recording of important front office events and decisions for reference during subsequent front office work shifts.


voice mailbox

A device capable of storing, recording, and playing back messages for guests through the telephone system.