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advance deposit guaranteed reservation

A type of reservation guarantee that requires the guest to pay a specified amount of money to the hotel in advance of arrival.


affiliate reservation network

A hotel chain’s reservation system in which all participating properties are contractually related.



An agreed-upon number of rooms set aside for members of a group planning to stay at a hotel.



To sell or reserve rooms ahead of time.


cancellation hour

The hour after which a property may release for sale all unclaimed non-guaranteed reservations, according to property policy.


cancellation number

A number issued to a guest who has properly canceled a reservation, proving that a cancellation request was received.


central reservations system

A network for communicating reservations in which each participating property is represented in an automated database and is required to provide room availability data to the central reservations center on a timely basis.


confirmation number

A code that provides a unique reference to a reservation record and assures the guest that the reservation record exists.


corporate guaranteed reservation

A type of reservation guarantee in which a corporation signs a contractual agreement with the hotel to accept financial responsibility for any no-show business travelers it sponsors.


cut-off date

The date agreed upon between a group and a hotel after which all unreserved rooms in the group’s block will be given back to the general rooms inventory for sale.


free independent traveler (FIT)

A traveler who is not part of a group.


global distribution system (GDS)

A distribution channel for reservations that provides worldwide distribution of hotel reservation information and allows the selling of hotel reservations around the world; usually accomplished by connecting the hotel company reservation system with an airline reservation system.


guaranteed reservation

A reservation that assures the guest that a room will be held until a specific time of the day following the guest’s scheduled arrival date. This time may be check-out time, the start of the hotel day, or any time the hotel chooses. The guest, in turn, guarantees to pay for the room, even if it is not used, unless the reservation is canceled according to the hotel’s cancellation procedures.


Internet distribution system (IDS)

A direct-marketing distribution channel that provides property exposure and reservations management for independent hotels, chain hotels, and third-party intermediaries representing hotel companies.


non-affiliate reservation network

A central reservations system that connects independent (non-chain) lodging properties


non-group displacement (or displacement)

The turning away of transient guests for lack of rooms due to the acceptance of group business.


non-guaranteed reservation

A reservation agreement in which the hotel holds a room for the guest until a stated reservation cancellation hour on the day of arrival; the property is not guaranteed payment in the case of a no-show.



A guest who made a room reservation but did not register or cancel.



Accepting more reservations than there are available rooms.


overflow facility

A property selected to receive central system reservation requests after room availabilities in the system’s participating properties within a geographic region have been exhausted.


payment card guaranteed reservation

A type of guarantee supported by payment card companies; these companies guarantee participating properties payment for reserved rooms that remain unoccupied.


prepayment guaranteed reservation

A type of reservation guarantee that requires a payment in full before the day of arrival.


revenue manager

The manager responsible for forecasting demand for each market segment the hotel seeks to attract—corporate transient, group, leisure transient, and others—as well as determining the guestroom rates that will provide sufficient room revenues and occupancies. Also typically manages e-commerce functions.


reservation record

A collection of data that identifies a guest and his or her anticipated occupancy needs before arrival at the property; enables the hotel to personalize guest service and accurately schedule staff.


reservation system

Software specifically designed to handle the creation, modification, confirmation, and/or cancellation of reservation records.


seamless connectivity/integration

The ability of travel agencies to book reservations directly into hotel reservation systems, as well as verify room availability and rates.


wash down (or wash)

Blocking fewer rooms than the number requested by a group, based on the group’s history.