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Define sustainability

A form of development in which basic standards of living are raised without compromising the needs of future generations


How is sustainability possible in rural areas?

- Sustainable farming
- Sustainable use of water, electricity and transport


What are some sustainability issues in North Norfolk?

- More affordable housing
- Better job, career and training opportunities
- More leisure opportunities (especially for young people)
- Protection of the environment
- Action against coastal erosion and flood risk


What are some sustainability policies in North Norfolk?

- Regeneration of Cromer using EU funding (eg pier and promenade)
- Outreach programmes run by UEA
- Maintaining and improving coastal defences in Cromer and Sea Palling


What is the North Norfolk Community Strategy?

It is a place where ..
- People feel safe and live in nice homes
- Equality and diversity are valued and celebrated
- People have diverse career and training opportunities and jobs that add value to area
- Communities can access a wide range of activities to meet everyone's needs
- The environment is protected and heritage of the area is maitained


What are some sustainability achievements in North Norfolk?

- Affordable housing = in 2007 57 new homes built for residents
- Better job/career/training opportunities = North Norfolk Business Forum improves education and training // The Virtual Business Support Programme promotes and supports self-employment and small businesses
- More leisure/recreational activities = 'Its Our Theatre' - arts project for 4 - 25 year olds // Holt Youth Project for young people to socialise, learn vocational skills and enhance work opportunities


How is sustainability managed in Cambourne?

- Morrison's provides employment for locals
- Lots of young families = community feel
- Affordable housing


What are the problems with sustainability in Cambourne?

- Morrison's prevents local farmer's market and dominates other retail stores
- Lack of amenities for young people
- Lack of schools = kids have to take a bus into Cambridge to go to St Bedes
- Overburdened medical centre
- Last bus is 11pm/very few buses
- Congestion into Cambridge due to commuters