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Describe the concept of antimicrobial resistance


What is antimicrobial stewardship?

Antimicrobial stewardship is a concept which ensures the appropriate use of antimicrobials by promoting the selection of the optimal antimicrobial drug regimen, dose, duration of therapy, and route of administration


What is the result of antimicrobial stewardship?

Antimicrobial stewards seek to achieve optimal clinical outcomes related to antimicrobial use, minimise toxicity, reduce the costs of health care for infections, and limit the selection for antimicrobial resistant strains


Identify the members of the multidisciplinary team tackling antimicrobial stewardship

- Medical microbiologist / Infectious disease physician

- Antimicrobial pharmacist

- Infection control nurse

- Hospital epidemiologist

- Information system specialist


Explain the interchange of antimicrobial stewardship with other factors