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What is the OHS Act?

The ACT details:

  • Obligations your employer must fulfill
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a worker
  • The rights and responsibilities of others connected with the work site.


What is the purpose of the OHS regulation?

To help all groups and individuals understand their obligations and responsibilities regarding safety issues on the work site.

It provides details on the minimum legal standards for worker health and safety.


What is the OHS code?

The code provides comprehensive, detailed information for:

  • Employers
  • Workers
  • Suppliers
  • Government agencies.


What is the OHS code explanation guide?

The explanation guide presents information that helps clarify the intent or application of each rule or section of the OHS code.


What are the three ways in order that a worker and employer can work together to control hazards?

  1. Engineering controls
  2. Administrative controls
  3. Personal protective equipment.


How many parts or chapters is the OHS code divided into?



What is a dire consequence of Bill C-45?

Any and all representatives of an injured or killed worker may be faced with criminal charges.

This can result in a fine or prison sentence for the accused.


Is a self-employed tradesperson considered an employer

Yes, always.

Bbecause they employ themselves.


In a situation where one is required to work to a specification set forth by a manufacturer or certified professional engineer, what must be observed?

A copy of the specification must be available to review at any time at the worksite.


What four areas must work site specific training cover?

  • Hazard information.
  • Different modes of product identification.
  • Procedures for the safe use storage and handling of Controlled Products 
  • Procedures for dealing with fugitive emissions and emergencies.


Is your employer required to create an emergency response plan to deal with emergencies that may require rescue or evacuation?



Is an injured worker eligible to claim benefits from the WCB board even if their own negligence contributed to the accident?



What injuries must be reported at the worksite?

Every injury of any kind.


The OHS Council operates at arm's length from government and advises the minister on OHS matters; how many members are on this Council?

9 members.


There are four categories of workplace hazards; what are these?

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Ergonomic
  • Physical


Which part of the OHS code covers hazard assessment elimination and control?

Part 2


Is the use of PPE the first line of defense for a hazard at the worksite?

No, it is the last line of defense


What are the five main tools for assessing and controlling worksite hazards?

  • Hazard assessment reports
  • Checklists
  • Health and safety plans
  • Emergency response plans
  • First aid records and incident reports


May only properly trained individuals provide first aid care?

Yes, specifically at the worksite.

  • Regulated by the OHS code.


What is the single largest contributor to one's safety in the workplace?

Their attitude.


Is poor house keeping a violation of the OHS code?

Yes, your employer is required to take all steps necessary to maintain a safe and clean work site


Must your employer provide you with all required PPE?

No. However, if they require you to perform a task in which the basic required PPE is not sufficient, then they must provide you with the required specialized PPE


When using flame resistant outerwear you're responsible to wear clothing underneath, which is either flame resistant or made of natural fibers; what are three common natural fibers?

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk


May an employer require PPE above and beyond the minimum set forth by the OHS code?

Yes, they have that right


There are 7 classes of eye protection; what are these in order?

  1. Spectacles
  2. Goggles
  3. Welding helmets
  4. Welding hand shields
  5. Hoods
  6. Face shields
  7. Respirator face pieces


Is there special safety headwear for electrical trades people?

Yes, Class E headwear must pass a much higher dielectric strength test then general class G headwear.


What three things could resuce the protective qualities of safety headwear?

  • An impact
  • Painting and applying stickers
  • Cleaning with solvents