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What are three factors which affect the EMF produced by a generator?

  • Velocity of conductors through the magnetic field.
  • Flux density of the magnetic field.
  • Length of conductor through the magnetic field.


"_____" are used to generate AC voltage, whereas a "_____" is used to generate DC voltage.

Slip rings.

Commutator or split ring.


How is generated current transferred to a circuit?

Through the brushes.


What makes up the magnetic circuit of a generator?

  • Field yoke
  • Pole cores
  • Armature
  • Air gap.


What makes up the electrical circuit of a generator?

  • Field coils
  • Armature windings
  • Brushes


When is the greatest EMF produced in a generator?

When the conductor cuts lines of force at 90°.


What is the main function of the field yoke?

To provide a low reluctance path for the magnetic circuit.

It also provides protection for the generator's components.