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What is WHMIS?

A program designed to ensure someone has all the information they need to work safely with hazardous materials that are used, stored or manufactured at their workplace.


Is WHMIS governed under both Federal and Provincial regulation?

Yes it is.


Who is regulated under WHMIS?

  • Suppliers are regulated federally
  • Employers are regulated provincially


What are a supplier's responsibilities under WHMIS?

  • Classify controlled products
  • Label controlled products with a proper supplier label
  • Provide MSDS for all controlled products


How are supplier labels easily identified?

What information is contained within a supplier label?

A hatched border.


Labels contain:

  • A product identifier
  • A supplier identifier
  • Hazardous symbols
  • Statement of MSDS availability
  • Hazards associated
  • Precautionary measures
  • First aid measures


What are an employer's responsibilities under WHMIS?

  • Every container of a controlled product has a proper workplace or supplier label
  • MSDS are readily available to workers who work with products
  • Training of workers to understand the hazards and apply safe handling procedures


What are an employee's responsibilities under WHMIS?

  • Participate in WHMIS training
  • Protect self and others
  • Prepare and apply workplace labels where required
  • Report all labels which have become illegible or are missing.


What must be contained on a workplace label?

  • Product identifier
  • Reference to an MSDS
  • Safe handling information


How many classifications of hazards are within the WHMIS system?

What are these  classifications in "alphabetical" order?

Six classifications: A-F


  1. Compressed gas
  2. Flammable and compustible material
  3. Oxidizing material
  4. Poisonous and infectious material
  5. Corrosive material
  6. Dangerously reactive material


There are three divisions of poisonous and infectious material; what do they encompass?

  1. Immediate and serious toxic effects
  2. Other toxic effects
  3. Biohazardous infectious material


According to WHMIS, what does flammable material mean?

What does combustible material mean?

The material combusts at temperatures below 37.8°C (100°F)


The material combusts at temperatures between 37.8°C (100°F) and 93.3°C (200°F)


There are six divisions of flammable and combustible materials; what do they encompass?

  1. Flammable gas
  2. Flammable liquid
  3. Combustible liquid
  4. Flammable solid
  5. Flammable aerosols
  6. Reactive flammable materials


What class of material under WHMIS will supply oxygen for a fire but do not usually combust?

Class C - Oxidizing materials


What are the three key elements of WHMIS?

  1. Worker education
  2. Product labelling
  3. Material safety data sheets


Is an employer required to test the WHMIS knowledge of their employees?



What sort of means other than workplace or supplier labels could be used under the right circumstances to identify controlled products?

  • Colour coding
  • Tags
  • Number coding
  • Letter coding
  • Shapes
  • Labels


There are 9 sections on an MSDS; what are they in order?

  1. Product identification and use
  2. Hazardous ingredients
  3. Physical data
  4. Fire and explosion data
  5. Reactivity data
  6. Toxological properties
  7. Preventative measures
  8. First aid measures
  9. Preparation date of MSDS


Portable gas cans are regulated under whom?

  • Underwriters laboratory of Canada (ULC)
  • Canadian standards association (CSA)


Must flammable liquids always be stored in approved containers?


They must also be stored in an approved flammable liquid storage cabinet.


Gas cylinders must always be secured in an "_____" position.



What is mechanical general ventilation?

When air is pumped into an enclosed work area, passes through and is then pumped outside through ductwork doors and windows.


Is local ventilation also known as source extraction?



What is a confined space?

An enclosed or partially enclosed space having restricted access and egress.


What is the first thing to do when entering a confined space?

Monitor the air quality with a gas detector, to ensure the area is safe.


What is a lower explosive limit?

The minimum concentration of gas in the air to create a flash of fire in the presence of ignition.


What is a flashpoint?

The lowest temperature at which a material can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air.


There are three element to any fire; which are?

  1. Fuel
  2. Air
  3. Ignition


What are the five classes of fires, and what are the symbols used to represent them?

  1. Ordinary combustibles (wood, paper, etc...)
    1. Green triangle with a letter A
  2. Flammable liquids and gases (natural gas, propane, etc...)
    1. Red square with a letter B
  3. Electrical (fire could be class A or B fuel, but live electrical equipment is involved)
    1. Blue circle with a letter C
  4. Combustible metals (magnesium, sodium, etc...)
    1. Yellow star with a letter D


  1.  Combustible oil or grease (cooking oils and fats)
    1. Black square with a white letter K


Are portable fire extinguishers size rated?



What is the acronym related to proper fire eqtingusher use and what does it stand for?

Pull the pin

Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire

Squeeze the handle

Sweep the nozzle back and forth