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While____________over which movie to watch, Anna and her friends saw a poster for a new action flick.

  • A) deliberating
  • B) competing
  • C) recapitulating
  • D) agonizing
  • E) examining

A) deliberating

deliberate: to consider a decision

agonizing: too exaggerated

examining: pertains to facts


Although the workout routine that Kathy usually followed at her gym was neither_____________nor

_____________,she was still very fit by any standard.

  • A)interesting..visceral
  • B)abhorrent..diverse
  • C)praiseworthy..punitive
  • D)fulfilling..heinous
  • E)exacting..meticulous




This is the only answer choice where BOTH words fit the blanks in the sentence. The word ALTHOUGH at the beginning of the sentence alerts the reader that there will be a logical result in the sentence that is unexpected. Answer choice A would possibly fit but it is not the BEST choice because VISCERAL would not usually be used to describe a workout routine.


In the aftermath of recent tornadoes, many volunteers_________on the disaster zone to start rebuilding victims' lives.

  • A) journeyed
  • B) irrupted
  • C) infiltrated
  • D) decamped
  • E) converged

E)  converged


The word converged means to meet at a location with a group of people, typically for a specific purpose. The idiom is correctly expressed as: "converged on", and SAT tests students on their knowledge of verbs plus prepositions, known as idioms.Answer choice A) is tempting but doesn't work with the preposition "on".


In spite of multiple minor injuries, the quarterback__________his energy and returned ____________to the football game.

  • A)rallied..churlishly
  • B)destroyed..willingly
  • C)summoned..resolutely
  • D)excavated..tainted
  • E)purged..equivocally

C) summoned..resolutely


The only verb and adverb combination that works in this sentence correctly is answer choice C. This question tests logic and vocabulary in context. In no other answer choice do both words fit the blanks.


Given the danger it presents, texting while driving should really be____________and teens who do text and drive should be______________.


  • A)banned..admonished
  • B)fined..reprimanded
  • C)outlawed..imprisoned
  • D)berated..confronted
  • E)acceptable..reproached


Even though the concert was overcrowded, Joe was able to _____________himself in the private box he was given for viewing it from his wheelchair.


  • A) propitiate
  • B)satiate
  • C)ensconce
  • D)hide
  • E)foster


There were multifarious coffee shops in the quaint town but the one that was most _________was frequented by the affluent and modish set.





E) tasteless


Word means?

The coach assembled his baseball team to discuss their game.

A) criticized

B) gathered

B) gathered


Word means?

Rhonda's friends knew she was cheating on her tests; they approached the situation by chatting over lunch.

A) walked up to

B) confronted


B) confronted


Word means?

As the film crew arrived, the director depicted the vision he was trying to create.

A) sketched

B) described



B) described