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How does PE affect HR, BP, SaO2 and JVP

BP: normal
HR: tachycardic
SaO2: low
JVP: may be raised in large PE


Recall the management of PE

1. Oxygen
2. LMWH (tinzaparin, dalteparin)
3. Thrombolyse - but ONLY if haemodynamically unstable


Why can warfarin not be given immediately in PE?

It has an initially procoagulant effect


How do you determine whether there is axis deviation (either way) from an ECG, Amir Sam's way?

Look at leads I and II - if the QRS complexes are overall negative then there is deviation


How can you differentiate between right axis deviation and left axis deviation on ECG, Amir Sam's way?

Look at aVL:
If it is pos = LAD
If it is neg = RAD


What mnemonic should be used to identify bundle branch block on ECG?

LBBB: W in V1, M in V6
RBBB: M in V1, W in V6