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What are the 'features' of an acid

They can be an irritant or corrosive. They have to be handled with care.


How do we measure an acid or alkali

Using litmus paper or Universal indicator


Examples of some dilute acids

hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and nitric acid (Bottles labelled as IRRITANTS)


What acids might you find in fizzy drinks?

Carbonic acid in fizzy


Litmus Paper

Blue litmus turns RED for ACID, but stays blue for an alkali Red litmus turns BLUE in an alkaline solution.


Universal Indicator

Universal indicator is a liquid. You can use it to tell how strong or weak an acis or an alkali is It has many different colour changes. Red for strong acids Green is neutral.


PH Scale

The scale used to measure how strong or weak the liquid is. The pH scale runs from pH 0 to pH 14. 0 STRONG acid neutral solutions are pH 7 exactly the closer to pH 14 you go, the more strongly alkaline a solution is. PURPLE.


What type of acid is a LEMON?

Citric Acid


What acid do you find in soap?

Sodium hydroxide


What acid do you find in vinegar?

acetic acid