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How can family influence participation ?

- parents might encourage or discourage sport
- if your family play sport then you are familiar with it at a young age
- if your family play sport you may have more opportunities


How can friends influence participation ?

- you are influenced by people the same age as you
- if your friends play a sport you will want to join in


How can role models affect participation ?

- encourage more people to play their sport


How can gender influence the sports you play ?

- some sports have less media cover for women therefore have less female participation
- less coverage means less sponsors which means less opportunities
- gender stereotypes e.g. women shouldn't be aggressive and vice versa


How can ethnicity and religion influence participation ?

- some religions don't compete on the sabbath
- punishments for racism are much more severe
- governing bodies have encouraged participation of sports
- policies like the 'rooney rule' in american football says you must interview at least one ethnic minority candidate for any head coaching job
- muslims can't wear swimsuits


How have sports been adapted for the disabled ?

- adapting sports e.g. wheelchair basketball
- creating new sports e.g. boccia (like bowls for wheelchairs) and goalball (like handball for the blind)
- including disabled and able bodied to play along side to challenge stereotypes
- given more media coverage e.g. paralymics
- more disabled role models e.g. ellie simmonds


How can your socio-economic group effect participation ?

- the amount of money affects which sports you play e.g on equipment or fees

- some require specialist facilities

- some require transport

- if you work irregular hours you might miss training times

- if you work long hours or have family commitments then you don't have the time to join a club


How does age affect the sports you play ?

- 16-30 have lots of choices

- 50 > have physical limits

- high intensity / endurance events can damage bodies if started to young (age restrictions)

- young people have more spare time


How does PE in school affect participation

- allows students to become familiar with sport

- some find it embarrassing

- some don't like competing so school is better

- can bring in outside agencies

- good teachers inspire students

- facilities can limit whats on offer


How does the environment affect participation ?

- if you don't live by snow / mountains ; winter sports are less of an option

- if you have extreme climates its hard to be outside for long periods

- pollution levels force people to stay inside

- living in mountains affects team sports cuz there isn't room for flat areas


What is the PROMOTION strategy ?

- increasing media coverage and campaigns to encourage participation (nationally and locally)


What is the PROVISION strategy ?

- providing facilities that offer a wide range of sports e.g. leisure centres
- pe lessons and after school clubs


What is the ACCESS strategy ?

- government providing good transport links to facilities for those who live in rural areas or dont have a car

- having access for the disabled

- making sure facilities are reasonably priced to encourage people to use them


What does commercialisation (money) come from ?

- sponsorships

- media e.g. TV and radio - the media pay to cover the sport

- broadcasting on TV = globalisation of sport

- social media keeps sponsors in public eye

- selling tickets and merch.


Sport, media and commercialisation are all connected. How is sponsorship and sport connected ?

- sponsors make money by sponsoring good teams

- the sponsor deals mean big money for the sport which can be spent on equipment, transport etc

- players and officials get good wages which can go on paying fees


How is the media and sport linked ?

- media pays sport for coverage, sport spend money to develop new players

- media coverage = more participation

- media coverage = role models

- media coverage = positive and negative fame

- media hold a lot of power over participation, rules, increased timings can lead to player injury

- watching on TV saves fans money but means a decrease in ticket sales

- media analysis puts officials under pressure

- media analysis educates spectators


How is sponsorship and the media linked ?

- more media coverage = more views = more valuable sponsors

- increased likelihood of sponsorship = high money demand


What are the negatives of sponsorship ?

- only available to top players

- bad behavior reflects badly on sponsor or player loses sponsorship

- athletes have to fulfill contract e.g. going to events

- athletes get into trouble when seen using another companies kit / equipment

- adverts are boring for spectators


What sponsors are inappropriate ?

- cigarette and tobacco promote bad health and are banned in the EU

- alcoholic drinks promotes bad health

- watched by children so could encourage young people to drink / smoke / eat unhealthily


How does technology help players performance ?

- better materials for equipment / clothing e.g. swimwear

- improvements to facilities e.g. all weather pitches

- better protective clothing and medical technology

- video footage helps analyse performance

- they are expensive

- worries that sport becomes for about technology and less about skill


What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology helping officials ?

Advantages :
- make sport more fair
- help validate decisions = increased respect

Disadvantages :
- they are expensive
- undermine authority of officials
- video play can take a long time


What is sportsmanship ?

- being fair and humble

- sticking to the rules


What is gamesmanship ?

- gaining advantage by using tactics that seem unfair but arent against the rules

- time wasting, grunting, calling time out


What is deviance ?

- breaking the rules

- using peds, 'professional fouls' (tripping someone up), being violent

- risk of being banned or fined, removed from the game


What affects to spectators have ?

- create an atmosphere (cheering)

- create 'home-field advantage'

- put pressure on players

- discourage young people if pressure gets too much

- lots of planning is required to make sure they are safe


What are the causes of hooliganism ?

- rivalries between fans

- drink / drugs fuel aggression

- frustration with decisions

- display of masculinity

- gang mentality


What are the methods of prevention for hooliganism ?

- kick offs made earlier = less time for pups to open

- alcohol restriction within stadium

- all seated stadiums mean fans aren't packed together

- fans / rivals can be segregated

- increased number of police

- increased CCTV

- banning orders for previous offenders

- campaigns against hooliganism