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Describe evidence and theory about socialisation of doctors into the medical profession

Socialisation - individuals internalising and cooperating with the collective norms of the professional group and aligning their conduct with the profession's standards
Medical education (lay person --> professional):
Informal curriculum - attitudes/beliefs notes, not formally examined
Formal curriculum - knowledge tested through exams


Assess critically different approaches to the regulation of doctors

Self regulation:
Non professionals not equipped to evaluate/regulate
Professionals are responsible
The profession is trusted to undertake proper regulatory action
However, failure to detect signs of unacceptable or u competent professional behaviour --> GMC regulation
GMC has parity of lay and professional members
All appointed independently
Civil rather than criminal standards (FTP)


Describe new regulations of licensing and revalidation

Revalidation every 5 years based on values and principles of 'Good Medical Practice'
Assures patients (+ve affirmation), maintains and improves practice, identify concerns at an early stage, improves clinical governance
1. Annual appraisals
2. Portfolio
3. Positive recommendation from a responsible officer


Describe the professionalism of medicine

Sense of professional identity, organised professional community, may or may not involve formal registration
1. Asserting an exclusive claim over a body of knowledge/expertise
2. Establishing control over market and exclusion of competitors
3. Establishing control over professional work practice