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There were Philistines present in Canaan during the time of Abraham, but when did the second wave of Philistines, the Sea Peoples, begin?

about 1200 BC


For about how long did the cyclical pattern of the judges affect Israel's history?

more than 300 years


On what assumption was the religion of Canaan based?

The forces of nature are expressions of divine presence and activity. One can identify the gods responsible for each phenomenon, and then proper ritual can encourage them to do what the worshipper desires.


Who was the head of the Canaanite pantheon, and what was he like?

El was almost impersonal, a transcendent, powerful, benevolent father figure, with little or no interest in human affairs.


Who was the Amorite storm god whose identity became associated with Baal?



How does Merrill describe the nature of Israel's apostasy?

Turning from Yahweh, the real source of prosperity and fertility, to the figment of depraved imaginations, a disloyal and covenant rebellion - "whoring after other gods."


According to Merrill, what was the nature and function of a judge?

Selected and empowered by Yahweh alone to serve as a military leader and protector.


Who was king of Moab whom Ehud, the left-handed judge, killed what a dagger to expel the oppression that came from him in the area near Jericho?

Eglon, a very fat man


How many Moabites were killed after Ehud's assassinating the king of Moab, when they tried to flee across the Jordan to return to Moab?

about 10,000 (slain to the last man)


Deborah and Barak assembled on what mountain in order to attach the forces of Jabin, king of Hazor?

Mount Tabor


Who was the general who was killed by Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite?



How many men were with Gideon when he attacked the 120,000 Midianite invaders, surprising them by blaring trumpets, smashing jars, and shining torches?

300 men


Who was the father of Abimelech ("my father is king") who was the oppressive "judge" who ruled from Schechem, and was financed with funds from Baal-Berith?

Gideon was the father (by a Shechemite concubine)


How many years did Jephthah the judge live after he defeated and expelled the Ammonites?

6 years


Who were the three women who brought trouble into Samson's life?

Philistine maiden from Timnah
Prostitute at Gaza


According to Merrill, why do critical scholars refuse to view the Samson stories as history?

Because of the superhero exploits Samson did. They prefer to describe them as sagas, designed to enhance the reputation of Yahweh.


What is meant by the "Bethlehem trilogy" of stories?

1. Micah and the Levite - Dan took the Levite to be their tribal priest in northern Dan.

2. The Levite from Ephraim - follows his concubine to Bethlehem, to bring her back, but he allows her to be raped to death by homosexual Benjaminites.

3. Ruth - who comes from Moab with Naomi, and eventually marries aged Boaz to produce a son Obed, grandfather of David.


What is signifiant about Jabesh Gilead, which ties the town to the Benjaminites and to kin Saul?

Men of Jabesh Gilead were killed to provide wives to Benjaminites. Saul in his early victory delivered Jabesh Gilead from an Ammonite threat.


Compare Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth

Tamar was a foreigner who bore Perez, the illegitimate yet chosen son of Judah.

Rahab, the Canaanite harlot, bore Boaz to Salmon, of the tribe of Judah.

Ruth, the Moabite convert, marries Boaz, her redeemer, and bore their son, Obed, the grandfather of David.

All became part of the physical lineage leading to Jesus the Christ.


Who was Moab, the ancestor from whom the Moabites descended?

Moab was the son of Lot through the incest with Lot's oldest daughter when Lot was drunk.


True or False: According to Merrill, Samuel's initial "negative attitude toward kingship" was really with the character of the kingship demanded by the people (the wrong desire to be like all the other people, and the wrong timing by refusing to wait for the man of God's own choosing).



Samuel's initial contact with Saul came about because Saul was searching for lost what?



What three signs did Saul encounter after he had been anointed by Samuel?

1. Two men near Rachel's sepulcher would tell him that the lost animals had been found.

2. Three men on their way to worship at Bethel would give him two loaves of bread.

3. At Gibeon, Saul would join a procession of prophets, singing and playing.


What city did Saul deliver from the Ammonites who threatened to put out the right eyes of the city's inhabitants?

Jabesh Gilead


What was Saul's rash oath that made him willing to kill his own son Jonathan?

Jonathan started a victory against the Philistines, and when the Philistines began to move away, Saul commanded that no one want until Saul's victory was complete. Jonathan did not hear this oath, and he took some honey and was strengthened.


In what way did Saul fail when he defeated the Amalekites in battle?

Saul spared the king Agag, and many of the better animals.


What four suggestions does Merrill make to account for Saul's inquiry into the identity of David and his family?

1. Time might have elapsed, and adolescents sometimes change drastically in a year or two.

2. Saul's unstable mental and emotional condition might have become aggravated in this time of stress.

3. Because David's family would become free from taxation, Saul may have inquired regarding the identity of that family.

4. Because David would marry Saul's daughter, Saul might have also inquired after the family.


What are three indications that Jonathan's covenant with David was actually deferring to Yahweh's selection of David as future king?

1. Jonathan pledged to David; the covenant was not mutual.

2. Jonathan clothed David in his royal attire.

3. Jonathan made the covenant with David and with the Davidic dynasty after him.


How did Abiathar the high priest lose his position as priest?

Abiathar sided with Adonijah against Solomon, to prevent if possible Solomon from becoming king.


Who was the husband of Abigail, the wife who interceded with David to calm his outrage against her husband and his men?

Nabal, who lived at Maon, and whose sheep had been grazing at Carmel


What factors may have contributed to a climate of mutual trust between Achish of Gath and David, in order for David and his men to become "vassels" at Ziklag?

1. The rift between Saul and David left Saul without military leadership to eliminate the Philistine threat.

2. David must have conducted himself in such a way that the Philistines thought he meant to them no further harm.

3. David convinced Achish that David pledged submission in return for protection from Saul.


Why did David kill the Amalekite runner who informed him of the death of Saul and his sons on the battlefield?

Because the Amalekite claimed that he himself had killed Saul as an act of mercy.


Josiah's mother's name was Jedidah, which means what?



In what year did Josiah begin "to seek after the God of David his father"?

in the 8th year of Josiah's reign


In what year did Josiah begin "to purge Judah and Jerusalem" from idolatry, from Sodomites, and from using the chariots of the son?

in the 12th year of Josiah's reign


In what year was the "book of the law" discovered while the Temple was being repaired?

In the 18th year of Josiah's reign. It seems clear that the reforms of Josiah started well before the discovery of the "book of the law".


What is Woychuk's view of the origin of the Pentateuch?

It is certain that all five books of the Pentateuch were in circulation long before Josiah's day. Hilkiah recovered probably all the sacred books of the Law.


What was Josiah's response when he heard the Living Word of the living God?

He was struck with an overwhelming sense of his own sin and of that of his people.


Who read in the ears of all the assembly "all the words of the book of the covenant which was found in the house of the Lord"?

King Josiah himself


What festival did Josiah first order the people to keep when he understood from the Law how it was to be observed?

the Passover


How long did Joash serve the Lord?

all his days wherein Jehoiada the priest instructed him.


How did king Joash die?

Joash was assassinated, and his servants arose, and made a conspiracy, and slew Joash in the house of Millo, which goeth down to Silla.


Why did Amaziah, the son of assassinated king Joash, not kill all the families of the assassins?

Because Amaziah obeyed God's law. (Deut. 24:16 - the fathers shall not be put to death for the children, nor the children be put to death for the fathers).


How did Amaziah the son of king Joash die?

He was assassinated.