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State the purpose of a recall.

To bring personnel back to their duty section quickly (usually in one to two hours) to meet mission needs,
support a unit mobilization, protect resources, or practice unit response


What is often used as the guide to make EACs?

Unit operational plans


State the main purpose of an EAC.

To ensure that in an emergency situation, all required actions are taken


Who serves as the central focal point for all accident or incident responses involving munitions
storage personnel or equipment?

Munitions control.


What must the door of a munitions control facility be constructed of?

Solid wood or metal faced


State the purpose of the control or maintenance key.

For disassembly and lock maintenance.


Why is master keying prohibited?

It would degrade the security of the munitions assets.


Reserve stocks of high-security locks and cylinders require what type of control?

Reserve cylinders, keys, and assembled locks are kept in a safe, key box, or other suitable container, all of
which must be secured by an GSA-approved three-position combination lock.


Who authorizes personnel to issue and receive keys?

Munitions supervision.


Who authorizes key transfer between individuals?

The key issuing authority


What are you verifying when auditing locks, cylinders, and keys?

A physical check of each munitions maintenance and storage structure to verify that the installed locks are
the same as the padlock location shown on the AF Form 2427.


List three items contained in the monthly forecast

Periodic inspection of munitions by item and lot or serial number.
Fire drills.
Munitions monthly, quarterly, and semiannual inventories


What is the purpose of the weekly scheduling meeting?

It’s the final refinement to the monthly plan and results in the weekly flying and maintenance schedules


Who attends the weekly scheduling meeting?

The flight chief and all section and element supervisors


Why does munitions control use the weekly flying schedule?

To inform the maintenance section on what type and how many munitions items are required and also as a
tool to direct line delivery for the timely and accurate delivery of A/C loads.


How can you make changes to the flying schedule before the first crew ready time?

Pen and ink changes using an AF Form 2407.


What is MC2 SharePoint?

A website utilized to maintain status and tracking of munitions activities on an installation


Who is required to use MC2 SharePoint?

All munitions squadrons and flights supporting aircraft.


Who determines which trailer information (if any) will be maintained in MC2 SharePoint?

Munitions supervision


What two databases are used to manage missiles?



Who is the sole accountable official for munitions assets at an Air Force location?



Explain the major difference between the rank requirements of the MASO of a conventional
account and a nuclear account

For conventional accounts, the MASO must be a munitions, missile, and space maintenance officer (AFSC
21MX), aircraft maintenance officer (AFSC 21AX), munitions senior NCO (AFSC 2W0XX), or civilian
equivalent (GS–9 or above).
For nuclear accounts, the MASO must be a munitions, missile, and space maintenance officer (21MX), or
qualified permanent civil servant in the grade of GS-11 or higher. He or she must possess the appropriate
security clearance, be certified under the PRP, and be a US citizen.


Who is normally the appointing official of the MASO?

Wing/installation commander or equivalent


What computer database does the MASO use to maintain accountability of munitions assets and
also provides “real-time visibility” to higher headquarters?



What is the materiel required, besides mobility equipment and peacetime operating stock, to
support wartime activities?

War reserve materiel munitions


Where are WRM assets stored?

They are prepositioned at operating bases, dispersed in the areas of responsibility, afloat on prepositioned
ships, at selected locations for air deployment, and at depots


Which two documents make up the WCDO?

The detailed logistics allocation report and the tactical air missile program


How does the MASO determine WRM munitions supportability?

By comparing on-hand balances to WRM allocations, and orders shortfalls to the requirements through the
requisitioning process.


What are starter stocks?

WRM, which are prepositioned in or near a theatre of operations to last until resupply at wartime rates is


What are swing stocks?

WRM, that is positioned ashore (overseas and stateside) or afloat for meeting war reserve requirements of
more than one contingency in more than one theatre of operations.