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How do you change drill bits?

As a standard safety precaution, always disconnect the drill from the power source when installing or changing drill bits. Insert the shank of the twist bit into the chuck, and secure it firmly by inserting the drill chuck key into the holes of the chuck body and tightening the chuck jaws. With the power disconnected, you reduce your chance of being injured.


What do you do before drilling in metal or other hard surfaces?

Use a center punch to mark the exact center of the hole to be drilled.


What are some of the operations a grinder may help you do?

Sharpen chisels or screwdrivers, grind drills, remove excess metal from work, or smooth metal surfaces.


What safety precaution is mandatory when using a bench grinder or wire wheel?

Always use eye or face protection.


State the purpose of the spring guard on a circular saw.

This guard is usually designed to snap back automatically when the cut is finished to protect both the blade and the saw operator.


How fast should the blade be spinning when it contacts the material being cut?

At full speed.


List three safety precautions when dealing with pneumatic tools.

Inspect the air hose for cracks or other defects. Before connecting the air hose to the air outlet fitting, open the control valve momentarily. Connect the hose to the fitting and open the valve again momentarily—this ensures the hose is clear of water and other foreign material.


How do you determine when to lubricate a pneumatic tool?

Refer to the specific tool TO or instruction book.


What psi is used for safe efficient operation of a pneumatic tool?

90 psi.


What does the torque regulator do?

Reduces the possibility of shearing or damaging threads when installing nuts and bolts to the required tension


What ensures the socket or attachment will not fly off?

Spring-loaded ball bearing or socket lock.


What is the prerequisite of a safe operation when using lifting devices?



What will be worn if there is a potential for injury from falling objects or moving equipment

Protective helmets


List three reasons you would replace or repair a wire-rope sling.

Ten randomly distributed broken wires in one rope lay, or five broken wires in one strand in one rope lay. Wear or scraping of one-third the original diameter of outside individual wires. Kinking, crushing, bird caging, or any other damage resulting in distortion of the rope structure. Evidence of heat damage.


What publication covers general guidance and safe lifting procedures for lifting devices?

AFOSH Standard 91–46, Materials Handling and Storage Equipment, or the specific manual for the lifting devices


Explain the function of the AN/PSM–37.

Troubleshoot electrical and electronic circuits


What are the maximum indications that an AN/PSM–37 can read for voltage?

1,000 volts (5,000 volts with the test prod).


What are the maximum indications that an AN/PSM–37 can read for current?

1 ampere (10 amperes with the shunt).


What are the maximum indications that an AN/PSM–37 can read for resistance?

100 MΩ.


Which tester is currently used to test circuits on the AIM–9 and AIM–120 missile systems?

AMTEC 620.


What position must the power switch be in during recharging?

The charger must be in the OFF position prior to recharging.


Which controls are included in the operating controls of the 101–5BFG?

Operating controls include a center-scale galvanometer, a rotary three-position OHMS ADD switch (calibration from 0 to 20 ohms in 10 ohm increments), an operating KEY, and an OHMS knob controlling a variable resistor, the setting of which is shown on a digital OHMS indicator.


State the maximum load capacity of the MHU–141/M trailer.

5,500 lbs.


Which TO contains information on the MHU–141/M trailer?

TO 35D3–2–27–1.


What is the turning radius of the MHU–141/M trailer?

200” or 40 degrees in either direction


Explain the purpose of the breakaway cable on the MHU–141/M trailer.

It’s an added safety feature to stop the trailer in the event of an accidental breakaway.


State the maximum load capacity of the MHU–110/M trailer.

15,000 lbs.


Which TO contains information on the MHU–110/M trailer?

TO 35D3–2–26–1.


What allows you to stow the tow bar of an MHU–110/M trailer in a vertical position?

A spring-loaded latch device on the front axle.


State the maximum capacity of a pair of rail extenders

3,000 lb.