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2 layers of skin

Epidermis- outer


What does the epidermis consist of?

Dead skin cells
Malpighian layer- pigment which protects skin against sun


Dermis consists of

Sweat glands- get rid of water and salt (through pores)
Blood vessels- supply the skin with oxygen and nutrients
Nerves- allow is to feel sensation eg. Heat
Oil glands- produce oil to moisten skin
Hairs- keep body warm
Fat cells- insulate the body


Functions of the skin

Removes excess water and salts- in sweat
Keeps body at 37*C
Protects body from disease and harmful sun rays
Organ of touch- can feel sensations
Vitamin D is made by skin with sunlight


Guidelines for healthy skin

Wash body every day
Avoid touching spots
Wash hands regularly
Eat a healthy diet
Get enough sleep
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol


Body odor

When bacteria on the skin work on sweat and an unpleasant odor is produced if not washed. It is strongest in the underarms and groin area. To remove wash every day and change clothes. Deodorants are used to prevent body odor but antiperspirants are used to prevent sweating



Condition which occurs during adolescence extra oil is produced and it blocks pores and bacteria on the skin causes infection


Guidelines to stop the spread of acne

Do not squeeze or pick spots
Clean thoroughly with antiseptic soap
Don't share face cloths or towels
Avoid fatty foods
Drink lots of water


Hair care guidelines

Should be washed at least once a week with shampoo and rinsed thoroughly
Use conditioner if necessary
Keep brushes and combs clean
Have hair trimmed regularly
Don't overuse hot appliances, may damage hair


Hand care guidelines

Wash regularly
Dry well to prevent clapping
Use hand cream to prevent dryness
Keep nails short
Use nail bush to keep nails spotless
Avoid biting nails


Footcare guidelines

Wash feet daily with soap and warm water
Dry well, especially between toes
Wear well-fitting shoes
Change socks or tights everyday
Cut toenails straight across
Keep toenails clean and short


Safe sunbathing guidelines

Water wide- brimmed hat and a t-shirt
Avoid between 11 and 3
Use high-protection sunscreen
Do not fall asleep in sun


Personal hygiene guidelines

Wash hands before and after eating
Wash body every day especially underarms, groin and feet
Wash well after excessive
Brush teeth every morning and night
Change underwear and socks every day
Change and wash outer clothes regularly