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Free range poultry

Allowed to roam freely in a natural environment


Nutritive value of protein 4

Some amount of protein as red meat
Less fat
Less iron
No carbs


Buying fresh poultry 4

Clean shop
Expiry date
No discoloration
No unpleasant smell


Buying frozen poultry 4

Frozen solid
Packaging sealed
Below loading in open freezers
No discoloration


Storing fresh poultry 2

Covered and store in refrigerator
Raw poultry away from ready to eat foods


Storing frozen poultry 2

In freezer ASAP after buying
Once thawed, don't refreeze


Preparing and cooking poultry 4

Salmonella; food poisoning associated with poultry
Thaw thoroughly: fridge for 24 hours to defrost
Don't prepare beside ready to eat foods
Cook thoroughly until juices run clear (not pink) and thickest part cooked