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Awake eyes open

- Active mental concentration
- beta EEG waveform: highest frequency, lowest amplitude


Awake, eyes closed

Alpha EEG waveform


Non-REM: stages 1-3

1: light sleep; 5%
- theta EEG waveform
2: 45%, deeper sleep, when bruxism(teeth grinding) occurs
- Sleep spindles & K complexes on EEG waveform
3: 25%, deepest, non REM sleep (slow-wave sleep); when sleep walking, night terrors & bedwetting occur
- delta (lowest frequency, highest amplitude) EEG waveform

- “At Night BATS Drink Blood” BATSDB


REM sleep

- 25%
- beta EEG waveform (highest frequency, lowest amplitude. Also seen in awake, eyes open)
- loss of motor tone, increased brain O2 use, increased variable pulse & BP, increased ACh
- when dreaming, nightmares, & penile/clitoral tumescence occur
- may serve memory processing function
- depression increased total REM sleep, but decreases REM latency
- extra ocular movements due to activity of PPRF (paramedian pontine reticular formation - aka conjugate gaze center)
- occurs every 90m
- duration increases through the night.