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Discuss the sequence of events for development of an allergic reaction. (IgE)

exposure to allergen
production of allergen specific IgE
IgE binds FceRI on mast cells
re-exposure to allergen
IgE cross linking
mast cell degranulation


What mediator is most responsible for sneezing an prutis in allergic rhino conjunctivitis?



Describe the step wise approach to treatment of allergic rhinitis.

nasal coriticostroids
allergy immunotherapy


What is the dose and route of medication to treat anaphylaxis?

epinephrine 0.3mg IM for an adult, can be administered every 5min as needed


Presentation of treatment of sinus infection with amoxicillin with generalize hives, fever and painful swelling of the knees and ankles is likely what type of hypersensitivity reaction?

Type III- immune complex reaction

note future reactions to this drug can be more severe with quicker onset


What is the rule of two?

controller medication should be used for someone suffering asthma if they have daytime symptoms more than twice a week and nocturnal symptoms more than twice per month