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What is the definition of reconstruction?

The act of rebuilding former confederate states and restoring them to the United States of america


What is the ten percent plan?

To receive amnesty, southerner had to do two things. Swear an oath to loyalty and agree that slavery was illegal


What is the wade Davis bill?

The congress (not the president) would be responsible for reconstruction


What is johnson's plan?

Majority of the voters to pledge loyalty to the US. Ratify 13th amendment= banned slavery


What is the 13th amendment?

The US constitutional amendment that ended slavery


What is the 14th amendment?

The US constitutional amendment that provided equal protection under the law and due process for citizens of the United States


What is the 15th amendment?

The US constitutional amendment that said all male of legal age (21 at that time) could vote. This did not included female of ethnicity. Females did not get the right to vote until the passage of the 19th amendment in 1919


What is the black code?

Laws passed in the south that discriminated against freedmen. They included such laws as curfews, various laws regulating work and pay, and other restrictions on freed African Americans


Who were the radical republicans?

Wanted federal government to force change in the south


What is the civil rights act of 1866

Provided African Americans with the same legal rights as white Americans


What is impeachment?

The process used by legislative body to bring charges of wrongdoing against a public official


What are poll taxes?

They are special tax people had to pay before they could vote


What are literacy tests?

To test African Americans before voting and if they passed they could vote (a way to stop African Americans from voting


What is the grandfather clause?

A qualification set for voting (after the passage of the 15th amendment) in many southern states. It said that you could vote ONLY if your grandfather had been able to vote. It was one way of excluding freed slaves from voting


What is segregation?

Is the forced separation of whites and African American in public places


What is share cropping?

(Or sharing the crop) landowners provided the land, tools, and supplies, and share choppers provide the labor


What is carpetbagger?

A northerner who came south during reconstruction to profit from the chaos and confusion. Generally disliked throughout the south


What is scalawags?

They are white southern republicans. The south dislike them because they feel that they betrayed the south for voting for the Republican Party


Why did the united states have to reconstruct after the war?

The south was in ruins and they need to reunite with the north as a whole nation together


What did the freed men's bureau do to help the freed people in the south?

They helped many freedmen and poor southerner they distributed food and provided education and legal help for freedmen


What did the reconstruction act do to the southern states?

It made the southern states start anew and abandoned their belief of slavery


Who were the ku klux klan? What did they do? Who were they against and why were they against them?

The ku klux klan are white southerners who are a secret to society and opposed civil rights, particularly suffrage for African Americans. They wore robes and disguises to hide their identities and attacked or even murdered African americans, white republican voters, public official usually at night. They opposed the civil rights and disliked African Americans


What are the Jim Crow laws and what did they do to African Americans? List a few of the Jim Crow laws

Jim Crow laws enforced segregation. They caused African Americans to suffer through segregation. A few of the Jim Crow laws are .........


What happened in the court case plessy v. Ferguson?

It was a court case about segregation and the Supreme Court voted against plessy and said segregation was allowed.


Who was Andrew Jackson? And what problems did he face during the reconstruction period?

He was the Vice President under Lincoln, he became president when Lincoln was assassinated. He was not well liked and Congress's began an impeachment process, but he was found not guilty and remained in office


What districts were the south broken into?

They south divided into 5 district controlled by a YS military commander.


What problems were facing the south after the civil war?

The south had to be divided into 5 district with us military commander watching over them. They would also struggle to fix themselves


How did life change for the freed slave?

Slaves were finally free but they were alone and needed the freedmen's bureau's help and they were segregated and life was tough for them since they are facing something new