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What are Socrates' 2 beliefs about government

Censorship of music and poetry and control the passions


What is censorship of music and poetry mean?

Music focuses on the lesser passions (not true good or real) not good if it drives passions and appetites it appeals to lower censes


What 3 things does the control of the passions entail?

First it restricts private property. Secondly it abolishes the family.
Third establishes rule of the philosopher kings.


What is Socrates's theme?

How to control the passions


What are three ways to control the passions?

First restriction of private property (communist in state). Second the abolition of family (community should raise the children) (not the family) (children should be taught the art of war). Third establish philosopher kings


What are three parts of the soul?

First reason (justice)
second passion
third appetite


What are the three parts of the city

First philosopher kings
second merchants
third workers


There is a charioteer what is his name and what are his two horses?

Logos is the charioteer and he pulls appetite(Eros) and spiritedness(thumos)