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examples of destructive lesions of the vertebral body

tuberculosis, hemangiomas, osteoporosis


may reduce the impact of intervertebral disc loss of integrity on the intervertebral foramen in the cervical and thoracic spine

joint of luschka in the cervicals, the costocentral joint in the thoracics


examples of osteophyte formation that influence the intervertebral foramen

bony spurs of the vertebral body and para-articular processes on the lamina


examples of acquired alteration of the spinal curves ID in class

obesity, pregnancy and use of heavy backpacks


recommended weight of a backpack compared to individual weight for the developing spine

backpack weight should not exceed 10% individual body weight


embryonic event causes the direction of the posterior curve of the vertebral column

embryonic disc will undergo flexion in a cranial to caudal direction


why is the posterior curve also called the primary curve

it is the first curve to appear embryologically


what are the adult remnants of the primary curve along the vertebral column

thoracic or dorsal curve and the pelvic or sacrococcygeal curve


names given to curves that form during development to reverse the direction of regions along the vertebral column

anterior curve, secondary curve, compensatory curve