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What is the thinking distance?

the distance driven while a driver reacts to a situation ahead


What is the breaking distance?

The distance a vehicle travels while the brakes are working to bring it to a halt


What is the stopping distance equal to?

Thinking distance + the breaking distance


What is a reaction time?

The time between a person detecting a stimulus and their response


How can response times be measured?

Using computers or electric circuits that measure the time between a stimulus and a response


What is the typical reaction time to a visual stimulus?

Around 0.25 seconds


How can a reaction time be caused to increase

By being tired, ill, under influence of drugs or alcohol and distractions like mobile phones


What do car breaks use to slow the car down?



How can breaking distance be increased?

If the breaks are woe. And if there is less friction on the road due to it being wet or gravel being loose


What relates the mass of a car and it’s breaking distance?

The greater the mass, the more force needed to decelerate it


If the same amount of friction is used to stop a vehicle, which one has a greater breaking distance:
The heavier one or the lighter one?

The heavier one as it takes more force to decelerate it