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What is sublimation?

When a solid turns straight into a gas without becoming a liquid first


What is the meaning of density?

The mass of a certain volume of a substance


For most substances what state are they most and least dense. Why is this

Most dense in a solid because particles are closest together , least dense as a gas as particles are most far apart


What are the units for density?

Kg/m ^3


What is the equation for density?

Density = mass / volume


What is the temperature of a substance?

The measure of the movement of particles


What is thermal energy of a substance?

The energy stored in the movement of particles that make up the substances in the system


How can you maintain a store of thermal energy?

You have to reduce the amount of energy transferred to the surroundings by heating by surrounding the warm object with insulating materials like bubble wrap or foam


Why is insulation used in fridges?

It stop energy from the surroundings being transferred to the inside of the fridge by heating


What does the amount of thermal energy stored up something depend on?

-it’s temperature
-it’s mass
-the material it is made from


What is the specific heat capacity of a material?

The amount of energy it takes to increase the temperature of 1kg of the substance by 1°C


Why does the temp stay constant while a solid is melting or a liquid is boiling?

As the extra energy is used to overcome forces between the particles to turn it into a liquid or a gas


What is the specific latent heat?

The amount of energy it takes to make 1kg of a substance change state