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What is momentum?

A measure of how hard it is to stop an object moving


What does the momentum of an object depend on?

Mass and velocity


Is momentum a vector or a scalar?



How can your relate momentum, mass and velocity?

Momentum = mass x velocity
Kg m/s. Kg M/s

Also written as p = m x v


How can you calculate force related to momentum?

Force = (mv - mu)/t
Where v is the final velocity and u is the starting velocity


A 2000kg car accelerates from 10m/s to 25m/s in 10 seconds. What resultant force produced this acceleration?

Force = (mv - mu) / t

2000 x 25 - 2000 x 10 / 10 = 3000 N


When two moving objects collide, what can you say about their momentum?

It is the same before and after they collide (as long as no external force acts upon it).


What is conversation of momentum?

The total momentum of two objects is the same before a collision as it is after as long as no external forces act upon them


How do you know two objects are travelling opposite each other by looking at their momentum?

One is positive and one is negative