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What was the CNT?

Anarchist Trade union: National Confederation of Labour.
Argued for revolutionary methods and boycotted democracy.


What was PSOE?

Spanish Socialist Party, grown in urban areas in late 19th century. Less impact than UGT. Significant role in 1931 revolution - divided over reforms (moderate socialists led by Indalecio Prieto, radicals led by Largo Caballero)


What was FAI?

Spanish Anarchist Federation (extreme anarchists - perpetrated bombings and assassinations)


What was the role of the Spanish army in the Civil War?

Powerful political position. Believed to be the protector of the nation - felt obliged to intervene in politics.
Unpopular: brutal, ineffective and expensive (1 officer to 11 soldiers)


What was the role of the church in the Civil War?

Rich and powerful - political and social influence. Supported social, political and economic conservation. Against modernization.


What were the problems with Spanish agriculture?

Spain mainly a agricultural economy and main source of employment. Inefficient and unable to provide enough food and stable work. Peasants in north owned to little land to support themselves, in south and center most of the land were held by landlords who dominated the political system.


How was the industrial situation in Spain?

Need for modernization and reforms. Only industrialized in the north. Workers in towns faced low wages, long hours, bad conditions and poor housing. -> Trade unions, however ineffective due to the vast supply of Labour.-> violent uprisings.


What were the problems with the regions in Spain?

Catalonia and the Basque provinces wanted decentralization and independence from the the centralist state.


Who were Primo De Rivera?

Experienced military official, prime minister in 1923, dictator to 1930. Took back self-governing rights of Catalonia and supported Republican overthrow of Alfonso in 1931.


What was UGT?

Socialist Trade Union: General Union of workers