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What was island hopping and who used it?

America captured Japanese controlled islands one by one and using them as bases for bombers. Costly and slow process.


When was D-Day?

The invasion of Normandy by the Allies took place June 6 1944.


What was operation Barbarossa and what was its outcome?

The German invasion of USSR, started 22 June 1941.
The German used Blitzkrieg to try to capture Leningrad (Skt. Petersburg), Moscow (Capital), and Stalingrad.
Originally successful despite USSR advantages due to the element of surprise (Stalin had received numerous warnings of the German attack but dismissed them in the belief Hitler would honor the Nazi-Soviet pact).
The invasion took longer than planned and the Russian winter took the German advance to a halt. (pro tip: do not try to take Russia in the winter time, you will freeze)


Why was WWII a total war?

The majority of many countries resources were directed towards the war effort.
Civilians worked to support the troops at the front, and were also targeted during bombing raids.
New and increasingly more powerful tech and weaponry as well as new tactics were used (EG Nuclear weapons, Blitzkrieg, huge battleships, better submarines, bigger carriers).
Area of fighting not limited (Hence the name).


When did the attack on Pearl Harbor happen?

7. Dec. 1941
US and Britain declare war on Japan December 8.
Germany declare war on US December 11th.


What wa Hitlers original programme for the NSDAP

The 25 point programme


Hitlers two main Foreign policy aims

Reversing the Treaty of Versailles
Creat lebensraum


What was Mein Kampf?

Hitlers book on foreign policy objectives and ideology


What did the Locarno Spring and agreement do?

Guarantee Germany's western borders, no guarantee to the east.
Germany in LON


What effect did the massive unemployment in Germany do?

Helps Hitler rise to power
Weimar governments policies not satisfactory


What and when was the world disarmament conference?

In 1933, Hirler leaves conference when France refuse to meet demands of equality of status


What was the aim of Polands Pact with Germany in 1934?

Non-agresssion pact


Who left LON in 1933?

Hitler and Germany


What did Hitlers non-agression pact do?

Undermine France's little Entente


What was Anschluss?

Invasion of Austria


What was the Stresa front?

Br, Fr and It shared agreement against Hitler


What was the Anglo-German Naval agreement?

Britanys deal with Germany in 1935 to allow Germany some navy, undermined the terms of TOV


When did Churchill argue Hitler should have been stopped?

When Hitler invaded the Rhineland


When did Hitler first test his civilian bombing tactics?

In the Spanish Civil war 1936-1939


What was the name of the Italian-German friendship pact?

Rome-Berlin axis


What was the Anti-Comintern pact?

Japanese-German alliance from 1936


What did the Hossbach memorandum do?

Provide evidence that this meeting was the first step towards war


What was the result of the Munich Agreement?

Britain agrees to Hitlers ultimatum and all of Sudentenland is given to Germany in 1938


When did Hitler occupy all of Czechoslovakia?

15 March 1939


What was appeasement?

The policy of giving Hitler what he wanted


What was the Nazi-Soviet pact?

The deal between Stalin and Hitler over Poland in 1939


When did WWII start in Europe?

1 September 1939


Why did the allies follow Appeasement?

Horrors of WWI
Sympathy for Germany in Britain after TOV